Think your car is safe at the airport parking lot?

You’d think that a government agency’s employees who unnecessarily harass travelers, steal their property and inappropriately leer at people they find attractive would be content with wreaking their havoc indoors. After all, there are more than enough elderly travelers to upset and plenty of wheelchair-bound kids to scare in airport terminals without venturing outside.

But now we learn that trying to take away the privacy and dignity of Americans indoors is only part of the equation for the Transportation Security Administration. Apparently, if you park in an airport parking lot, you are giving your implied consent to have your vehicle searched. The TSA mandates this policy and then hires someone from the airport parking lot to search cars. Of course, this occurs without any evidence of wrongdoing and without any warrant being obtained.

This type of implied consent also exists on many of our nation’s roadways. For the privilege of driving on these roads that we pay for with our tax dollars, we “earn” the right to be stopped and questioned at any time by a police officer who can also search our vehicles.

This type of thing doesn’t end well. It’s just a matter of time before the fact that you’re walking will be considered implied consent to be searched any time you leave your home. And why stop there? How about this – if you’re breathing, you’re giving your consent to have your home entered by authorities to question you and look for anything they want to look for?

I don’t know how things got this bad in America. I really don’t. This type of thing doesn’t happen overnight, but I do know that we have an administration that is doing everything in its power to make the situation worse every day. There is no stopping these people. They’re not going to be happy until they have every single action that Americans take – inside and outside of their homes – recorded in video and audio and watched by National Security Agency employees who should be spending their time finding dangerous people instead of harassing innocent, law-abiding citizens.

And, of course, it will all be justified with the phrase we’ve grown to hate so much – “for the purposes of national security.” Please let your legislators know that you are sick and tired of living in a police state and that you will only vote for those men and women who are more interested in preserving freedoms than in conducting random witch hunts.

Have you ever thought about the fact that while you are waiting for a plane in the airport, a parking garage official could be rummaging through the contents of your vehicle? Do you feel they should have the right to do that without probable cause? What do you think is next in this never-ending parade of privacy violations?


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