Witch Hunt or Attempted Coup d’Etat?

President Trump claims he is the subject of a Witch Hunt, and in this I think he is wrong.

A “Witch Hunt” derives from the Salem Witch Trials in New England in 1692 and 1693, in which numerous men, women and children were accused of witchcraft. Twenty of them, including 14 women, were hanged.

The Salem Witch Trials are cited as an example of mass hysteria, in which an entire community – actually several communities – utterly freaked out. Neighbor accused neighbor and family members accused each other, mainly of “consorting with the devil” and “casting spells.”

This hysteria was so pervasive that the courts and law enforcement took up the cause, arresting people, trying them, convicting them on the unsupported accusations of other hysterical people and hanging them to death.

In modern parlance, a “Witch Hunt” is characterized by indiscriminate accusations of heinous conduct on the part of various and sundry individuals, either stemming from hysterical irrationality or with nefarious and ulterior motives, which are acted upon by the perpetrators as tantamount to guilt.

So, in a certain sense, President Trump, not to mention members of his administration, are victims of a Witch Hunt. But we are presently witnessing much more than that. We are, in fact, witnessing an attempted Coup d’Etat, which I am afraid to report is much more serious than your garden variety Witch Hunt.

A “Coup d’Etat” is, by definition, the overthrow of an existing government by a political faction, existing either inside or outside that government, by force or other illegal means. The end result of a Coup d’Etat is replacing the previously existing power structure with a new one determined by the perpetrators. A Coup d’Etat is always effected by a Criminal Conspiracy.

A Criminal Conspiracy is a combination of one or more individuals having a common scheme or plan to accomplish an unlawful objective or to accomplish a lawful objective by unlawful means.

The unlawful objective of the existing Criminal Conspiracy is to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States by fraudulent means calculated to force his resignation or cause his unlawful impeachment. Who are the members of this Criminal Conspiracy?

Well, we can be pretty certain that the conspirators include the following: most Congressional Democrats and the Democratic National Committee; the publishers of the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Washington Post, the powers behind the “Mainstream Media;” and prominent former officials of the so-called Intelligence Community, including James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence, John Brennan, former director of the CIA, James Comey, former Director of the FBI, and, most importantly, a plethora of current Intelligence Community Officials and other members of the so-called “Deep State.”

Robert Mueller, current Special Counsel to the Department of Justice, is almost certainly in on it. There must be others, maybe even a few Establishment Republicans, but this list hits the main perpetrators.

None of the named Conspirators makes any secret of their desire to “get rid of Trump.” Their “Russia Collusion” story is falling apart, so now they are focused on “Obstruction of Justice.”

All of these claims are first aired in the Liberal Press and Mainstream Media. They are all smoke (innuendo and insinuation) and no fire (hard, credible evidence). All are based on anonymous sources leaking classified and national security information (each leak a separate felony).

The only possible sources are members of the Intelligence Community, these particular officials I have named, or “cutouts” inside the Deep State or outside it, acting with their knowledge or at their direction. Thue and cry is immediately taken up by Democratic Party mouthpieces or Congressional Democrats, all of which play in a continuous loop in the Mainstream Media.

I think the major bad guys will turn out to be Clapper, Brennan and Comey (already an admitted “leaker”). I would like to hear a cogent argument that I am wrong about this Criminal Conspiracy and this attempted Coup d’Etat. If I am right, I currently have no idea how to stop it.

However, one thing I am sure of is that if Trump were Vladimir Putin’s cat’s paw or protégé, he wouldn’t be up to his hips in alligators right now. The alligators would all have been turned into handbags, suitcases and pointy-toed shoes in the First 100 Days.


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