What Americans Learned in 2017 – Being Prepared Is the Only Way to Live

With 2017 winding down to its final days, I thought it would be helpful to take a look at what Americans learned this year.

For one thing, we learned that nobody is safe. I mean, we already knew this. But for many, it was just head knowledge. In 2017, I’m sad to say, quite a few saw firsthand how true it is.

From catastrophic hurricanes Harvey and Irma, to wildfires out West, the damage and destruction this country saw was unprecedented.

Even Americans who were not directly affected by extreme weather experienced ongoing threats from North Korea this past year, keeping the entire country on edge.

Heck, we’re not even safe in our places of worship anymore. Deadly shootings in churches, temples and mosques have been on the rise recently.

I guess if there is one positive that came out of all the negatives in 2017, it’s this. Many Americans finally understand the importance of being prepared.

Importance of Preparedness Being Realized

More than ever, many Americans now know – some from firsthand experience – that the government might not be able to protect them before disaster strikes. Or help them after it strikes.

They now get it. They realize it’s crucial for them to become as self-reliant as possible as soon as they can.

Because you never know when the next emergency is going to strike. It could be later today or tomorrow. Or next week or next month.

But the fact of the matter is that it’s possibly right around the corner. And the best thing you can for yourself and your family is to have some preparations ready ahead of time, just in case.

“You’ve Got to Be Ready for Anything”

Take a look and listen to what Florida residents Pam and Tom have to say about their experience with Hurricane Irma.

Click here to watch a video of their story now:

Pam and Tom share how important it’s always been to them to be prepared for disaster, and why Food4Patriots is their survival food of choice. Tom, who served in the military for 14 years, said, “Being in the military gets you a different mindset, of the way you look and things. You’ve got to be ready for anything.”

And Pam added: “There’s something that you need to be prepared for.”

They describe how it looked like a war zone in their neighborhood after Irma hit, saying, “It was overwhelming.” They lost power for 2½ days, but some in their area lost it for two weeks.

Pam shared, “I know when I opened that package of Potato Soup, we felt like we were in control of the situation. We were going to eat. And not sandwiches or peanut butter. Yep, we were going to eat.

“And we did, and it was delicious. Made us feel like we were in control again!”

Being self-reliant has given this couple peace of mind. Pam put it like this, “You know, we just want to take care of ourselves. We don’t want to be afraid… We don’t want to rely on somebody else to give us something that we can have, on our own.”

Keys Resident Knows Preparing Is Key

Suzanne lives in the Florida Keys, so she has seen her share of hurricanes. But Irma was something special.

Watch her video story now describing the storm and how she survived it:

“With Irma, the water was so powerful this time and so driven by the wind,” Suzanne said. “The force of it was amazing.”

Fortunately for Suzanne, she was prepared. “I was really happy that I had thought ahead and gotten the products that I needed.

“Everybody was so excited when I brought the food bin in and opened it up. They were all like, ‘It looks so delicious.’

“And we made the Alfredo and everybody loved it, and they were like, ‘I’d eat that on a regular night.’ And it’s even better because there are no restaurants open because they have no power either. The gas stations are closed so you can’t get gasoline, so it’s not like you can go (look) about for stuff. You have to be ready. “And where we were, we could not leave, because of all the down trees.

“So we had to rely on our Alexapure Pro water filter, because we couldn’t get more bottled water. We were taking it out of the swimming pool and stuff like that… and the water tasted so great.

“Everybody was chugging it and I was like, ‘Yay, you know, I’m glad I was ready!’”

Peace of Mind Follows Preparedness

During 2017, we had more customers than we can count who called or wrote in to tell us how they handled these emergencies and others.

Some of them dipped into their survival stashes to deal with the crises. Others said they had their supplies ready, but were able to get by without them.

But everyone agreed on one thing. Having survival preparations ready and waiting gave them peace of mind.

Just like Lynette, who sent me this beautiful note just days after Hurricane Harvey hit:

“I cannot express my gratitude enough for the PEACE OF MIND that the products that you have made available to folks like me that would pay attention to the fact that, terrorist aside, Mother Nature alone brings us some of our most needed survival times.”

Thank you Lynette, you truly made our day, when we received that letter at the office.

THAT is why we’re here, folks, and why we do what we do.

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