You’re offending me by saying I’m annoying you. Want to be cell mates?

Just wanted to let you know that I may be sending you my next blog from jail. Of course, you may be receiving it in jail as well. In fact, just about everyone who owns a computer will probably be in jail soon if Arizona lawmakers have their way and their idea goes national.

In a proposed bill that is so mind-numbingly stupid that I almost can’t write about it without brain cells oozing out of my head, writing emails or posting blogs or comments online that contain “annoying” or “insulting” speech would be considered a crime in Arizona. This would also include radio talk show hosts, many of whom make a nice living by expressing their opinions, which often include insults.

David Horowitz, executive director of the Media Coalition in New York City, said that the bill’s sweeping language would severely inhibit First Amendment rights. Gee, ya think? Every time I think we’ve heard it all out of the mouths of the morons we elect to office, I’m proven wrong. (Oops, looks like I’m going to jail again.)

Defenders of the bill say that its purpose is to stop cyber bullying, terrifying, intimidating and harassing. OK, if those are the objectives, then why add the words “annoying” and “offending” to the bill’s language? I think we know why. It’s another in a never-ending series of strategies aimed at giving government the power to control everything and make a mockery out of the Bill of Rights.

“Annoying, Offending’ Language Online Would Be Crime Under Arizona Bill” has some quotes from the bill’s defenders that are amusing, including the one that says, “I’m a defender of the Constitution like anyone else.”

There’s only one way to get certain politicians to stop wasting our tax dollars with ridiculous legislation and that’s to vote them out of office. In the meantime, how do you feel about our right to annoy or insult someone? Do you believe that people who engage in this activity online or on the airwaves should be subject to arrest, conviction and jail time? And just for the fun of it, which public figure would you like to see arrested for the crime of being annoying? I hope we can have some fun with this one.


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