The Ultimate Doomsday Prepping List: 107 Items For Your Survival

Preppers come from different backgrounds and have unique concerns. They are often painted as alarmists with irrational fears. Some are worried about chemical warfare while others are simply worried about their neighborhood. One thing they all have in common is a need for a doomsday prepping list.

In Patriot Headquarters’ ultimate doomsday prepping list, you’ll discover:

  • The ONE thing EVERY “doomsday prepping list” should include… it’s creamy, delicious, full of vital and healthy calories, B-vitamins, protein, even kids LOVE it, and it NEVER goes bad.
  • Why you MUST pack this one “often overlooked” clothing item that is EASY to carry and VERSATILE enough for nearly ALL conditions.
  • This “often forgotten” ESSENTIAL for your medical kit that costs less than a quarter apiece, will help keep you SAFE, and has nearly UNLIMITED uses beyond medical prep.
  • The “rarely used” lighting source you MUST pack that fits EASILY in your pocket and absolutely NEVER dies out.
  • The 2nd MOST IMPORTANT book you should pack that will be an ADVENTURE to read, will interest the KIDS, and can keep you from starving.
  • Which BONUS item most never think of that can keep you COMFORTABLE, prevent diseases, and can be picked up for just a few dollars but will make ALL the difference when you sleep at night.

The unique thing about a doomsday prepping list is that it’s one of the only lists people create but hope to never use.

doomsday prepping list
One thing that unites preppers is that most scenarios pretty much require the same items. We all have the same basic needs. But preppers go beyond the basics. They plan, acquire, and execute.

That is why we’ve created the ultimate list which can be used by every type of prepper. We have organized it into 14 categories with 114 unique items. Yes, that sounds like a large number but many of the items are one you already own. Others will be things you haven’t considered.

No matter how many items you have, the best time to get started on your doomsday prepping list is NOW.

Doomsday Prepping List Category #1: Food

doomsday prepping list

#1 – Canned Goods: This a staple on every prepper’s list for obvious reasons. It’s easy to acquire and store. They can last for years and you can buy almost any type of food in a canned variety.

#2 – Corn: Dried corn is of course a vegetable but also a grain

#3 – Sugar: You can buy canned sugar and it’s cheap to stock up on.

#4 – Flour: Potato flour is maybe the most versatile as it’s finely ground and works as a thickener.

#5 – Oats: If you’re in survival mode, you will need to stock up on fiber. Oats are perfect for that basic need and also can be used for other foods such as oatmeal.

#6 – Beans: Again, a great source for fiber and cheap to buy.

#7 – Dried Pasta: In the worst circumstances, you want very little fat and that’s why dry pasta is the healthier choice for in general and it keeps longer.

#8 – Rice: A good source for grains and easy to store.

#9 – Spices: With limited food options, you will want all the seasoning possible.

#10 – Peanut Butter: A versatile food that can keep for months even at room temperature. It is packed with B-vitamins, proteins, and kids love it.

#11 – Cooking Oil: An absolute necessity for most types of cooking you will be able to do in a doomsday environment.

#12 – Salt: Not a necessity but you’ll definitely notice if you don’t have it.

#13 – Wheat: Grind it into flour if you need but mostly use it as a thickening agent. Whole grain wheat is healthier and has a long storage life.

#14 – Powdered Milk: Can be used in place of non-dairy creamers.

#15 – Fruit Bars: Dried fruit bars are portable and also enjoy a long storage life.

#16 – Cutlery: You don’t need to go crazy with a full Ginsu collection but make sure you have the usuals for basic convenience.

#17 – Plate: See above. In this circumstance, assuming you have the proper amount of water you can easily wash and reuse plates and cutlery over and over.

#18 – Kettle: Use it not only for cooking but even a heat source in a pinch.

#19 – Aluminum Foil: Most scenarios don’t involve full kitchens and aluminum foil can be used to wrap food for storing among several other uses.

Doomsday Prepping List Category #2: Water

doomsday prepping list

#20 – Water: In terms of importance, this could easily be #1. It’s not only necessary for survival but can be used for dozens of things.

#21 – Waterproof Matches: Wax coating will ensure you can get a flame in even damp circumstances.

#22 – Water Purification Tablets: If you don’t have purified water or you run out, these tablets can treat chemicals and even viruses.

#23 – Small Water Filter: Filter out contaminants.

#24 – Hydration Pack: This can be an add-on to most backpacks and is extremely convenient when you’re on the go.

#25 – Drinking Container: If your water source isn’t bottle, you will want a separate container for drinking water.

#26 – Thermal Bottle: Perfect because they’re portable and support hot and cold temperatures.

Doomsday Prepping List Category #3: Clothing

#27 – Warm Clothing: Even if you’re in a warm region you must be prepared for inclement weather. It’s possible you’ll have to travel and/or be outside at night.

#28 – Polarized Sunglasses: Protect your eyes by blocking reflected light.

#29 – Poncho: This often overlooked item is versatile, lightweight, and takes up very little space. If your clothing supply is limited it’s very important to keep what you do have dry.

#30 – Wide-brimmed Hat: It will help not only with the sun but also deterring pests.

#31 – Thick Socks: Any military personnel will tell you how important keeping your feet healthy is to remaining mobile.

#32 – Boots: This is self-explanatory but if you need to get some we recommend a lightweight steel-toe.

#33 – Jacket: Go for something waterproof and good for layering.

Doomsday Prepping List Category #4: Medical

doomsday prepping list

#34 – First Aid Kit: You can buy these at just about any store and there’s no reason to not keep a couple around.

#35 – Antibiotics: Reduce the possibility of infection and help promote quicker healing.

#36 – Gauze & Wraps: Flintstones band aids just won’t do it anymore.

#37 – Hand Sanitizer: Can be used for cleaning medical tools in addition to hand cleanliness.

#38 – Aspirin: Cheap and effective pain reliever for adults.

#39 – Prescriptions: If water and food are at the top, your medication may be #3 depending on your condition. If you can’t secure a true backup of your monthly medications, try to acquire the generic versions.

#40 – Rubber Gloves: This essential item will help keep you safe and costs less than a quarter apiece! Buy them by the box as you can use them for medical procedures, food prep, and waste management.

#41 – Isopropyl Alcohol: Basic disinfectant.

#42 – Vitamins: This is doubly important if you have any known deficiencies. Your food menu will be limited and these could keep you functioning at full capacity.

#43 – Hydrogen Peroxide: Can be used as a mouthwash if necessary.

#44 – Ibuprofen: Get this in lieu of aspirin for children.

#45 – Surgical Stapler: Look up proper use if you are not experienced. This can be incredibly useful if used properly.

#46 – Suture Kit: Helpful for minor surgical procedures such as lacerations.

Doomsday Prepping List Category #5: Utility & Weaponry

#47 – Utility Knife: You won’t run out of uses for a good utility knife.

#48 – Handgun: Chances are good you already have this in your kit or on your person for obvious reasons.

#49 – Holster: Stock a holster even if you don’t typically use one because you may be in a scenario where you’re traveling with full pockets, and over-jacket and a backpack.

#50 – Rifle: Guard your perimeter and good for use in even extreme weather conditions.

#51 – Hand Saw: A good non-power tool that can be used for a lot of things beyond woodworking.

#52 – Scissors: You don’t need anymore information on why scissors could be useful.

#53 – Bow & Arrow: If you have the skills, use it as a secondary weapon and for hunting if necessary.

#54 – Tools: You don’t need a full cabinet but keeping the basics in a small toolbox will prove to be handy – literally.

#55 – Axe: You may need it to build a fire if you don’t get to category #6.

#56 – Fishing Gear: If you’re lucky enough to be near a source for fish, you’re ahead of the game in many respects. You might as well throw in a line.

Doomsday Prepping List Category #6: Heat & Lighting

doomsday prepping list

Image from Wuzur on Wikimedia Commons.

#57 – Lighters: Cheap and effective. Buy a pack and be thankful later.

#58 – Pocket Lamp: A crank-powered lamp is perfect if you run out of batteries for #59. This handy device can fit in your pocket and will never run out of juice.

#59 – Flashlight: You can get miniature ones for your keychain but we recommend getting a weather-resistant flashlight for your backpack along with backups of batteries.

#60 – Charcoal / Lighter Fluid: Both a cooking and heating source.

Doomsday Prepping List Category #7: Bags & Containers

doomsday prepping list

#61 – Backpack: This is a basic on every doomsday prepping list. Don’t get a basic school bag, go for something with plenty of storage and utility.:

#62 – Mesh Bag: Hang it to dry things out.

#63 – Empty Milk Jugs: Has a variety of uses but recommended for untreated water.

#64 – Plastic Ziploc Bags: Storage of food and other supplies.

#65 – Waterproof Bags: Most of the items on this list are weather-resistant by nature but waterproof bags are perfect for clothing and electronics.

#66 – Garbage Bags: Waste management is an often overlooked part of prepping.

#67 – Buckets with Lids: Many preppers use the 5-Gallon variety for food storage.

#68 – Patrol Pack: This is essentially a next-level backpack for the alpha in the family. Carry more and organize everything.

Doomsday Prepping List Category #8: Toiletries

doomsday prepping list

Image from ‘Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums’ on

#69 – Soap: If you can’t get anything else in this category, go for soap.

#70 – Washcloths: This is more about convenience but they will be helpful beyond the normal use.

#71 – Towels: Again, you can live without it if space is limited.

#72 – Shaving Gear: This could just as easily fit into the bonus section below but it takes up little space and can keep you in your general routine.

#73 – Tooth Items: Good health starts are the gums. Toothpaste is created equally so stock up on a cheap brand.

#74 – Facial Tissues: This is possibly a luxury item but again it can be useful for other reasons.

#75 – Vaseline: Use it for skin protection and rashes.

Doomsday Prepping List Category #9: Cleaning Agents

doomsday prepping list

Image from Mike Mozart on

#76 – Cleaning Solvent: For use on just about any surface.

#77 – Foaming Bore: Versatile cleaner for cleaning the barrel of your guns.

#78 – Aerosol Lubricant: Also for use with firearms in addition to wood, leather, etc.

#79 – Lysol: Especially in a confined space, Lysol can help prevent viruses from spreading.

#80 – Baking Soda: Substitute household cleaner among many other uses (including cooking).

#81 – Bleach: If for nothing else, use it to wash dishes.

#82 – Detergent: Can be used as a cleaner beyond just clothing. You can even make your own if necessary.

Doomsday Prepping List Category #10: Visual & Directional

#83 – Binoculars: Useful for hunting, spotting water sources, and potentially even enemy encroachment.

#84 – Map: Your children have probably never even seen a map but if the cell grid is down, this will get a lot of use.

#85 – Compass: Traveling the wrong direction could contribute to an early demise. Attach one to your keychain and forget about it until you need it.

#86 – Magnifying Glass: Use this along with your book on edible plants.

Doomsday Prepping List Category #11: Documents & Books

doomsday prepping list  Image from JustTooLazy on

#87 – IDs: The hope here is that doomsday turns out to be a false alarm and eventually life will resume to be somewhat normal. Don’t leave your ID behind.

#88 – Notepad/Pencils: Store the paper in something weather-resistant and get pencils instead of pens.

#89 – Survival Tips Book: Having all 109 items on this doomsday prepping list will not be of much use if you don’t know how to use them.

#90 – Edible Plant Book: This is the 2nd most important survival book you can pack. It could be a lifesaver and you will be shocked at how many varieties around you actually are edible. Picking the wrong plants could make the rest of this list useless. Get the kids involved and turn it into an adventure.

Doomsday Prepping List Category #12: Emergency Shelter

doomsday prepping list

 Image from Superchilum on Wikimedia Commons.

#91 – Tent: If you’re buying a tent specifically for the purpose of doomsday prepping, choose a larger size than you need. The slight bump in price will be well worth it as amass things and store them inside.

#92 – Mosquito Net: You don’t know you need one until you’re sleeping outside and realize they’re more than a nuisance.

#93 – Sleeping Bag: Even if you have a comfortable bunker ready to use, sleeping bags are portable in an emergency and relatively cheap.

Doomsday Prepping List Category #13: Miscellaneous

#94 – Duct Tape: Repair gear, clothing, storage security, and more reasons than we care to list.

#95 – Glue: Useful for repairing things including the soles of your shoes.

#96 – Bungee Cords: Perfect for securing all different types of items.

#97 – Face Mask : In the worst case scenarios, a mask with a respirator can protect you from disease and even warfare.

#98 – Cable Ties: Another handy utility for makeshift repairs.


Doomsday Prepping List Category #14: Bonus Items

doomsday prepping list

#99 – Cell Phone with Charger: Some preppers predict a shutdown of the cellular grid but you’re going to grab this out of habit anyway.

#100 – Toys/Games: This will be especially important for families that have kids.

#101 – Pet Items: Don’t forget Fido! Although most pets can get by on human food, pets are family and both of you will be happier with a little preparation.

#102 – Fire Extinguisher: You may already have one of this for your main structure but it’s not a bad idea to have a portable one that you can store with your other prep supplies.

#103 – Radio: If cell service is out, this might be your only method to get information. And beyond that, of course it will be used for entertainment as you can never hear too much of Johnny Cash. Speaking of cash…

#104 – Cash: Keep some handy for obvious reasons. If you are in a circumstance where the grid is down, your plastic won’t be of much use.

#105 – Pest Deterrent: This might be our top bonus pick to help ensure comfort. Be careful with this as it can be a problem if you’re in a confined space. Look for organic varieties of pesticides.

#106 – Whistle: Use it for safety and communication.

#107 – Radiation Detector: Again, we are preparing for doomsday and this could truly be a lifesaver.

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