U.S. Taking Russian Threats Seriously… Army and Air Force Building up Arsenals

Over the past couple of years, we’ve heard a lot about Russia’s growing military might.

The longtime U.S enemy has been showing off many new weapons. And engaging in high-profile drills. Sometimes hand-in-hand with other nuclear powers, including China.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been making weapons claims. He says his country is building a hypersonic missile that will travel one mile per second. And he has referred to his nation’s arsenal as “invincible.”

State-run Russian television has warned viewers of a potential World War III. They’ve even suggested stockpiling supplies of medicine, including iodine.

New U.S. Tank Rounds Exhibited

While Russia boosts its military prowess, treaties between it and the U.S. are being ignored. Or simply allowed to expire.

Of course, the U.S. will not just sit back and watch this happen. We won’t let Russia or any other country become the most powerful nation on earth.

America is starting to tout some of its own military expertise. Just last week, new U.S. Army Abrams tank rounds were introduced.

They are designed to attack and destroy enemy tanks, bunkers and concrete walls. Plus light armored vehicles and small groups of enemy fighters.

Faster, Lighter and More Lethal

This “variety” of targets requires different levels of explosives. That’s what the new tank rounds offer. They allow a crew to adjust the explosive effect within seconds.

The new tank rounds will be faster, lighter and better protected. Not to mention equipped with new sensors and armed with more effective weapons.

And – most important – they’ll be more lethal.

One of the rounds being displayed is the M830, High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) round. The other is the M830A1, Multi-Purpose Anti-Tank (MPAT) round.

Air Force Shows off F-22 Raptors

Not to be out-done by the Army, the U.S. Air Force is also displaying its potential these days.

Recently the Air Force conducted an “elephant walk” down the runway of an Alaskan military base.

“Elephant walk” is the term used for a slow, close formation taxi. It gives pilots practice in teamwork as they prepare for wartime operations.

The showcase included 24 F-22 Raptor stealth fighters. Plus a C-17 Globemaster III transport and an E-3 Sentry.

‘Overwhelming Combat Airpower’

This was a two-week exercise known as Polar Force. Each aircraft took off one by one, then returned to the airstrip.

Air Force officials said these U.S. aircraft possess “overwhelming combat airpower.”

The F-22 Raptors are from the 3rd Wing and 477th Fighter Group. Both are associated with Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

The 3rd Wing aircraft would be the first to be deployed if a Pacific region crisis arose.

B-21 Is Bomber of the Future

Another addition to the U.S. arsenal is not currently being publicized by the Air Force. In fact, little is known about this classified plane.

It’s called the B-21 bomber. It’s being built by Northrop Grumman. That’s a global security company providing systems and products to government customers.

The B-21 is expected to become operational in the mid-2020s. Right now, the Air Force plans to have about 100 built.

But already, the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA) is saying 100 will not be enough.

Their new report (obtained exclusively by Defense News) says more will be needed. In fact, nearly triple that amount will be necessary for a “single, major high-end great power conflict.”

Report: Air Force Needs to Grow

Last year the Air Force announced it will need 386 operational squadrons. That’s for the purpose of facing future threats from Russia and China. Currently there are 312 such squadrons.

The CSBA report was delivered to Congress in March. It says the Air Force add several new technologies not in its current plan.

They include a stealthy weaponized drone. And an unmanned reconnaissance plane that can penetrate into contested spaces. Plus refueling tankers different from what the Air Force possesses.

The report revealed that the Air Force is lacking in its inventory. Needed are more tankers, bombers and fighters. As well as more drones, command-and-control/intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

Preparing to Meet Future Challenges

Here are some of the specific additions suggested by the report.

• The bomber fleet should grow from nine operational squadrons to 24.

• Fighter squadrons should increase from 55 to 65.

• The tanker fleet should expand from 40 to 58 squadrons.

• Strike/reconnaissance drone squadrons should rise from 25 to 43.

Of course, none of this will happen overnight. It will take years to meet these goals. And that’s assuming they are approved by Congress.

But it’s good to know the U.S. is taking foreign threats seriously. And that we are building a force to meet whatever future challenges may exist.


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