U.S. Military Not Ready For Prolonged Power Outages

About 10 years ago, the Pentagon’s Defense Science Board conducted a study.

When the results came in, here’s what we learned. The Board warned that U.S. “military installations are almost completely dependent on a fragile and vulnerable commercial power grid, placing critical military and homeland defense missions at unacceptable risk of extended outage.”

As bad as that news was, there was a silver lining. At least the government now understood that this serious problem existed. And that something needed to be done about it as soon as possible.

Certainly fixing this predicament would be job one, right? Certainly it was obvious that tackling this dilemma immediately was of the utmost importance.

Ten Years Later… Same Problem, Only Worse!

Well, guess what? It’s now 10 years later and here’s how a headline reads in a recent Forbes magazine article. “Critical U.S. Military Sites Can’t Cope With a Prolonged Power Outage.”

Not only has nothing significant been done about this severe quandary. The threats have increased dramatically since then.

Both physical and cyber attacks have proven effective against U.S. power stations. And the number of cyber attacks has risen, thanks to recent probes by Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

Of course, there are other ways the grid could go down. Including an electromagnetic pulse from a deliberate attack or a massive solar flare. Or the types of extreme weather we’ve seen over and over again in this country.

U.S. Power Grid Is Extremely Vulnerable

The Forbes article went on to say that local companies have few incentives to harden their power lines and stations.

And that security experts have long realized the electrical grid lacks resilience. Just a few trained operators who know where key lines and nodes are located could do considerable damage to the grid.

That’s why backup generators have been installed at many defense sites. But there’s a catch. Most of those generators only have fuel for 72 hours of operation.

Once that fuel runs out, more diesel fuel will be required. And that will present another big problem due to transportation issues that will result from a grid-down scenario. Not to mention the fact that fuel pumps don’t work without electricity.

A chilling note in the Forbes article reads like this. “Today, a prolonged loss of power would collapse much of the defense system.”

If The Government Won’t Help Us, We Must Be Self-Reliant

Let me ask you something, folks. If the government can’t keep our military powered up during a lengthy blackout, what do you think they’re going to be able to do for you when your power goes out for a long time?

I’ll save you the trouble of answering that question. The answer is nothing.

That’s why many Americans are taking matters into their own hands and are securing their own solar powered generator.

Solar generators are a smart choice. They produce an endless supply of life-saving electricity when you need it most. And without gas, fumes or noise.

Demand Surges For NEW Expandable Solar Generator

Here’s what customers have to say about our solar generators:

Robert talks about how much peace of mind his generator brought him while waiting for Irma to hit.

“I am a retired U.S. Army Officer, Ranger, Airborne, combat experienced Vietnam veteran and recently retired from my second career in nuclear security. I purchased the Patriot Power Generator 1500 package about ten months ago and in preparation for Irma’s arrival, got it out today and set it, and the solar panels up, for the first time. I found that the generator, as advertised, has remained fully charged while sitting in my garage and it works perfectly. It has brought me a massive amount of confidence and peace of mind that my wife and our family will do just fine if we experience an expected power outage that Irma may produce.” – Robert H.

Phillip shares how many different appliances he’s powered with his:

“I was thinking about a solar generator because the noise and fumes from my gas generator was getting on my nerves, then I got the email from 4Patriots. The compactness, weight and all those features, outstanding! And finally, the portability factor, even including the solar panels. Now I have used the system to run most of my hand tools, a small refrigerator, a desktop computer, a laptop and cell phones and had no problems with over or under power / load. The best part is that most of the tests I did at night and inside. Very quiet. Hooking up the solar panels was a breeze. I very highly recommend the Patriot Generator 1500.” – Phillip R.

And Kathy discusses how having a generator that doesn’t run on gas is the right choice for her:

“I have been looking at generators. I bought this one because gas might not be available. This one is safe because of the solar power. It is renewable power. It is easy to set up.” – Kathy D.

The Patriot Power Generator can power lights for safety and comfort, your computer, TV, or cell phone. Even small appliances like a small freezer or critical medical device that will sustain your family during a power outage.

Here’s the even better news…

We’re running a July 4 Special right now that includes our new expandable solar generator. Along with the largest bonus package we’ve ever done with a generator before, worth over $900.

Plus an easy monthly payment plan to help put this important device in your hands today.

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