Three CNN ‘Journalists’ Retract Russian Story, Resign

As we prepare to celebrate the 241st anniversary of the United States of America on Tuesday, we remember some of this great nation’s tenets.

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly and the right to petition.

Unfortunately, the meaning of some of those freedoms has eroded. Freedom of the press, for example, used to mean that media was free to do unbiased reporting.

Today, we frequently see that freedom distorted. Left-leaning mainstream media reporters – and by that I mean, most mainstream media reporters – usually get away with slanting the news so that it fits their agenda.

Mainstream Media Can’t Wait to Rip Republicans

We see it all the time. It occurred throughout the Obama Administration. It continues today in their “coverage” of everything from healthcare and environmental issues to the economy and gun rights.

Most of all, it continues to happen in every situation that could possibly put President Trump or any Republicans in a bad light.

Mainstream media journalists chomp at the bit when they sniff out a story that might incriminate the president or his people.

Their hope is to find enough real evidence to justify their story. But in the absence of that, they’ll just assume certain things to be true.

Their motto seems to be: “Never let the facts stand in the way of a great story.”

And their editors rarely call them on it. Because, well, those editors lean just as far to the left as the reporters do. Unfortunately, most Americans believe these stories to not only be true, but reported in a balanced way.

Well, often they are not. And we just saw a prime example of this.

CNN Story Folds Up Like a Cheap Tent

A reporter at CNN was anxious to believe that Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci had a secret meeting with an official from the Russian Direct Investment Fund back in January. So anxious that the reporter wrote an article declaring it true.

Only one problem with that. It wasn’t.

There was no secret meeting.

Despite the flimsy “facts” of the story – which, of course, quoted an unnamed source – the reporter’s editor bought into it. And so did the executive director of CNN’s investigative unit.

Why? Because they wanted it to be true.

All three just “resigned” in what is a huge embarrassment to a media network that pretends to be neutral but is actually far to the left. Not as far to the left as that comedy channel, MSNBC, but well to the left of center.

Vague Retraction Sullies CNN’s Reputation

In retracting the story – which is kind of like closing the barn door after the horse has run out – CNN said the story “did not meet CNN’s editorial standards.”

Based on a lot of the “news” I’ve seen coming out of CNN, I’m not so sure what kind of standards they have. But even a weak admission of guilt is pretty major for them. To be fair, the CNN editor’s note accompanying the retraction did apologize to Scaramucci.

So, there you have it. Mainstream media will continue to slant the news to fit their agenda.

The only way to put them in their place is to prove them wrong and watch them squirm.

The good news is, with each retraction and with each apology, their credibility slips yet another notch in the eyes of Americans.



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