The Power of a Different Focus

Editors Note:  I wanted to share a guest post from my friends over at 5SS Team, who specialize in teaching self-protection tactics that are easy to grasp and use in real life.  They’re seeing a lot of disturbing comments from people feeling helpless when facing a criminal threat, and wanted to share a simple concept that can quickly correct this. See their thoughts below.


We continue seeing a surprising number of folks who unintentionally hand complete control of a violent situation to a criminal – without even realizing it.

From survey notes to blog and live training comments, people say things like:

  • “He’s way bigger than me…”
  • “But he had the element of surprise on his side.”
  • “I look at the video and still can’t see anything I could do…”

Pause for a moment and think about these and similar comments.

What’s their focus?

That’s right… each statement targets something that immediately puts the viewer at a huge disadvantage vs some guy looking to do them harm.

In a word… they all focus on “differences.”

Things you can’t control.

Lock on to the fact some guy is obviously bigger or faster… and your brain panics.

It searches for a solution to this difference – when none exists. Same with the element of surprise.

Or a thug with a gun pointed at you.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s easy to understand how this happens.

That’s why a while ago we experimented switching things up in a live training class.

We had participants consciously change their focus – away from “differences” and instead… on… “similarities.”
The impact was dramatic.

While attendees at our live classes normally practice calmly selecting the next target they strike (without predetermining it)…

…Here the target was slightly modified to include focusing on a “vulnerable similarity” to something on your own body structure.

Something you know could easily be broken on you – regardless of your strength or training.

…Like an eyeball.

…Or an exposed trachea staring you in the face.

Apply this approach and almost like magic your brain immediately begins identifying exposed vulnerable targets while completely ignoring those uncontrollable differences.

Watch the video above as Instructor Chris Ranck-Buhr explains in more detail what’s happening.

Here’s the thing: You can begin doing the same, today.

Start by picking out vulnerable similarities on others while standing in a checkout line.

Don’t allow your mind to wander or search for differences – keep your focus on similarities.

Watch how quickly your brain begins to block those differences… making them disappear like old pictures stuck to your refrigerator…

…And instead focuses on targets you can injure and break.

To your continued personal safety,
The 5SS Team

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