Solar Eclipse’s Path a Reminder of Our Preparedness Journey with You

Yesterday a vast majority of us in North America took a timeout from our concerns about nuclear threats from North Korea, terrorism from ISIS and ongoing hostilities from our polarized politics… to view a natural phenomenon that has not occurred here in 38 years.

Those along the 70-mile wide path of totality observed a total solar eclipse. This stretched from Lincoln Beach, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. Others experienced a partial solar eclipse ranging from 50 to 90-plus percent.

Here in Nashville – the largest U.S. city in the eclipse’s path – we were awestruck by this incredible event. Many of us stepped out of our 4Patriots office to view this natural marvel.

We cooked burgers and dogs on the back deck of our Patriot Headquarters… invited friends and family, and handed out glasses to watch the eclipse.

It was so dark during the total eclipse that it looked like nighttime and the street lamp turned on:

This was the view from our headquarters back patio, and if you’re anything like me, will give you goosebumps:

It was nothing less than sensational. The wonder of this solar eclipse was all any of us could talk about for much of the day.

For me, the eclipse was a stirring reminder of the awesome forces of nature that keep us alive every day.

Just think… a giant ball of fire 93 million miles away sustains life on this planet… while our one and only satellite 240,000 miles away stabilizes the Earth’s rotation and causes magnificent tides.

It’s just incredible to ponder.

Solar Got Us Started

But the eclipse was also a reminder to me of how far 4Patriots has come as a company in nine years. And of how grateful I am to you for your support. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Why was I thinking along those lines? Because our very first product – the one that launched us as a company in 2008 and put us on the map – was solar related. Power4Patriots. That’s our series of videos and manuals that teach people how to build their own solar panels, wind turbines, water heaters and solar heaters.

Solar energy has always been a part of who we are at 4Patriots. From that first Power4Patriots product to our more recent solar-powered generator. (The Patriot Power Generator 1500.)

And on a deeper level, this theme also represents our essence as a company.

Nature Is Our Preparedness Guide

Taking what nature has provided for us – food, water and power – we’ve crafted all our products around the idea that while the future is uncertain, you can prepare for it in tangible ways that will protect yourselves and your families.

We take the best tasting and most nutritious food nature can give us… and use modern-day methods to make sure it will still be good up to 25 years from now. Guaranteeing it will be ready no matter when you need it.

We take our planet’s water and use sophisticated methods to remove up to 99 percent of the contaminants that can spoil it. Ensuring you always have delicious, pure, clean water to drink.

We take the power of the sun to charge our generators so that they can supply potentially life-saving energy…. for when the electrical grid fails and you need it the most.

You Are the Reason 4Patriots Exists

Of course, this all comes back to self-reliance.

We can’t control when the sun will shine or when the moon will cross between it and our Earth.

But we can certainly bask in the beauty of a natural phenomenon such as a solar eclipse. And we can definitely control how prepared we are for whatever natural or manmade disasters may be carving a path toward us as you read these words.

Thanks for taking this journey with us. I couldn’t imagine being on it without you!

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