The Secret Cost of War

At 4Patriots, we’re a company built on taking pride in our country and in those who serve to protect it.

That’s why we’re proud to announce our donation to RIP Medical Debt, a company that helps eliminate crippling medical debt from the lives of our military. It was founded with the mission of seeking out, buying, and then abolishing unpaid and unpayable medical debt.

Higher insurance rates, loopholes in coverage, expensive medical treatments and prescriptions, and huge deductibles can submerge people into debt. No matter what their financial condition.

And veterans are especially at risk.

Our soldiers vow to serve “at all cost.” But did you know that a large part of that “cost” of comes in the form medical debt?

Here’s what I mean…

Veterans should be treated like the heroes they are. But all too often, they’re stuck waiting for VA care.

Or worse… not getting care at all! And believe it or not, the government doesn’t always foot the bill for the care they do receive. Not even close!

And on top of that, vets with PTSD may also juggle low-paying jobs or unemployment. Meaning that a great deal of medical debt is unpaid. And unpayable.

All for helping defend our country!

Now here’s what really irks me…

Aggressive, bottom-feeding collection agencies buy up our soldiers’ debt… even debt incurred at VA hospitals.

They pay pennies on the dollar for the account and they’ll stop at nothing to get their money. Even leaving menacing voicemails and physically threatening people who for whatever reason can’t pay.

This is regardless of the personal circumstances of people who clearly are still struggling with the economic consequences of illness and accidents.

To treat our vets like this is despicable.

And as an American it makes me sick.

The company is called RIP Medical Debt… and it buys outstanding debt and discharges it once and for all. Freeing veterans, active and retired duty military from medical bills and the crushing stress that comes with them.

And since RIP Medical Debt can buy debt for pennies on the dollar, even a small donation can go a long way. In fact, our initial donation should free veterans from about $100,000 in medical debt.

We’re not stopping there.

We’re going to make a habit out of supporting RIP Medical Debt… with a monthly donation to their veterans fund. Talk about making a difference!

And, there’s something else important I’d like to add.

We wouldn’t be able to make donations like these without your help. Our success is only because of YOU, our loyal customers. Who allow us to give back and help the folks that are most vulnerable in a crisis.

So THANK YOU for making it possible for us to help these heroes – and for being part of the 4Patriots family.

>> Click here to make a donation to RIP Medical Debt to help forgive our veterans’ debt.


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