Some Restaurant Servers Know How Blessed It Is to Give… and to Receive

Have you ever heard of MrBeast? I hadn’t either, until just recently.

Of course, MrBeast is not his real name. It’s his YouTube channel name. He has approximately 21 million subscribers. You’ll know why in a moment.

He apparently has quite a bit of free time on his hands. As well as an extraordinarily deep wallet.

MrBeast records videos of a variety of bizarre activities – just for the fun of it, it seems – then posts them for the world to see.

Performing Random Acts

One of his video stunts involved seeing how many toy cars it would take to pull a real car.

Another was getting $30,000 worth of lottery tickets and scratching off all of them. Just to see what he would win.

He has also recorded the underwater shooting of targets with guns. Among his other unusual activities are counting to 200,000, reading the dictionary and watching paint dry.

MrBeast is also known for performing random acts of kindness. Employees at Sup Dogs in Greenville, North Carolina are grateful he does.

$10K Tip Is No Joke

Recently he and a companion (or perhaps two people working on his behalf) left a $10,000 tip for waitress Alaina Cluster. After only getting two waters and requesting a moment to read the menu.

When Alaina returned to the table, she saw the tip and a note saying that the waters were “great.”

“I thought someone was playing a joke on me,” Alaina said. “I wasn’t that excited. I just said, ‘What? What is this?'”

Two guys with a camera at a nearby table told her to subscribe to the YouTube channel of MrBeast. And all of it was hers to keep.

Splitting the Profits

Like many college students, Alaina could have used the funds. She’s trying to earn a nursing degree at East Carolina University.

But she also realized she was chosen randomly for this extravagant tip. She didn’t feel right keeping it all.

So, she split it among Sup Dogs employees and ended up pocketing only $800 of the $10,000.

“That could have been like anybody on my shift, you know,” she said. “I didn’t do anything to deserve that much. I wanted to split it up and be fair with everybody.”

Try Relaxing With a Toddler

Sometimes you just want to have a nice relaxing dinner out. But if your child or grandchild is a toddler, you know it doesn’t always work out that way.

Courtney Pedigo hoped to have a quiet meal at an Olive Garden in Greensboro, North Carolina recently.

But her toddler had other plans. Courtney posted on Facebook that her daughter “did everything but sit in her high chair and eat her dinner like I picture in my dreams.

“She had me so overwhelmed, from letting all of Olive Garden know she was in the house and trying her best to wiggle her way down me to run the restaurant.”

Waitress Takes Serving to Next Level

Rather than taking the risk of annoying other restaurant patrons who did not have children with them, Courtney asked her waitress to box up their meals to take home.

But waitress Nianna Rudder would have none of that. Instead, she pulled up a chair, sat down at Courtney’s table and fed her child mouthfuls of ice cream. So that Courtney could eat in peace.

Rudder later told a TV station, “She’s a kid. They cry. They fuss. They want to run around. There’s no reason for you to have to go home because she’s being fussy. She’s a baby. That’s what babies do.”

Courtney’s post added a heartfelt thank-you to Nianna. “I know your mom is looking down from Heaven with the biggest smile and (is) so incredibly proud of the woman you are.”

Waitress Commemorates 30 Years

If you go to the same restaurant on a regular basis, you probably see the same servers from time to time.

But maybe you’ve never eaten at the same restaurant for 30 consecutive years. And if you have, maybe you’ve never seen the same server for that long.

Recently in Minnesota, workers at a McDonald’s restaurant honored waitress Peggy Lombardi for 30 years of service.

The regulars jumped in to rejoice as well. They’ve seen her work hard through the years and wanted to express their gratitude.

Going ‘Above and Beyond’

“I make sure I keep everything cleaned up and wiped down,” Peggy said. “I keep the customers happy. Greet them when they come in and out.”

Terry Ritchey is the owner of this particular McDonald’s. Here’s what she has to say about Peggy.

“When she comes in she’s always at the same happiness (level). She’s always the same along the way. She brings in friends. She brings in family. She’s just a joy to be around.”

One customer said, “She really pays attention to the little things when you come in. She goes above and beyond.”

Next Time You Dine Out

Next time you go to your favorite restaurant, you might not be able to leave a $10,000 tip.

And your server may not be commemorating a milestone. Or might not sit at your table to feed your child or grandchild.

But your server just might have an interesting story to tell about one of their experiences.

If they’re not too busy to share it, you just might learn something about the person behind the nametag.

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