Let’s show some respect to those who paved the way for us!

One of my favorite expressions is, “I’m not as young as I used to be.” It’s a great catch-all phrase that we use while trying to explain why we can’t do something as well as we used to. Aging is a natural, universal process, and it’s very unlikely that any of us will ever say, “I’m younger than I used to be.”

When I was growing up, people who were getting older might not have appreciated that they couldn’t do everything as well as they used to, and they certainly were not fond of the ever-increasing aches and pains they were experiencing. But at least they received respect from the young, the middle-aged and the old alike, and were treated humanely by the government.

Unfortunately, we’re seeing more and more signs, especially from the current administration, that “senior citizens” are becoming “second-class citizens.” The attitude seems to be, “If they can’t be productive members of society and if they are a drain on healthcare, then let’s focus more on phasing them out than in improving the quality of their lives.”

Apparently these people have forgotten that our senior citizens are the very ones who spent virtually every waking moment ensuring that today’s adults were fed, clothed, housed, insured and taken care of by doctors when they were children.

Some people have compared ObamaCare to socialized healthcare, which means that the state controls who gets what and at what cost. The 2009 Stimulus Bill pretty much guarantees that individuals’ value will be based on age, as the federal government’s computers will determine whether or not you are worth the cost of treatment and whether you will be approved to obtain treatment.

Bioethicist Ezekiel Emmanuel, brother of Obama adviser and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, has written a treatise titled, “The Complete Lives System.” This document states that healthcare funds should go primarily to people between the ages of 20-50. Why? In order to protect the productivity and taxation of that age group. It’s all about the government playing God and deciding who is the most deserving of being kept healthy.

This article from FreedomOutpost.com article titled, “Shameful – The Elderly in America Are Considered Useless to the Younger” sums it up.

There are a number of things in life that disgust me, but few raise my ire as much as when I see senior citizens being mistreated. They should be honored for their service, admired for their legacy and consulted for their wisdom. Instead, they’re seen as a burden by some of today’s lawmakers, who are doing everything they can to shorten the duration of time that society will need to care for them.

In his new book, “ObamaCare Survival Guide,” author Nick Tate lists senior citizens among the groups of people who will be hurt by this new healthcare legislation. He writes, “Seniors were rightly angry about ObamaCare as it is significantly funded with money that comes from hundreds of billions of dollars in spending cuts to Medicare over the next decade.”

What are your thoughts about how senior citizens are treated in the U.S., compared to how they used to be treated? If you are a senior citizen, please let me know how you feel you’re being treated. Do you think that things are getting better or worse for American senior citizens? I’m very anxious to hear back from you on this important topic.


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