Reader Mailbag!

As you can imagine, here at 4Patriots headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, we get lots of emails, letters and phone calls from customers like you.

Some are questions or comments, while others are compliments or complaints. (To be honest, I prefer compliments over complaints, but we need to address both.)

Even if you’ve never felt the need or desire to communicate with us, perhaps you have some of the same questions or comments you’ll see in today’s mailbag.

So, let’s get started.

This is from Katrina C., referring to our Alexapure Pro water purification system.

“This is the best water filter I have ever used. I am very happy with your product! The filtered water tastes great!! Best water ever! I am filtering well water that is thick with rust and very hard water. It’s slightly brown coming out of the faucet. I travel for my job and change locations every few months. I was worried the Alexapure would be too big. But it packs up to a nice size. No problem! Thanks for a great product. I recommend it to everyone.”

Thanks, Katrina. Most contaminants are invisible to the naked eye, which is why we all need to filter our tap water. But sounds like with your water, they are pretty plain to see. Glad our product is able to help you. And as with most of our products, portability is a key factor. Being able to take the Alexapure Pro with you is an advantage.

Marty chimes in about our Patriot Power Generator.

“Hey Frank. How’s it going? I already have a 72-hour survival pack that I got with my generator purchase. Just wanted you to know I used the generator for the first time. Our power went out last night for about six hours. I was the only person in town that had a light on.”

Sorry your power went out, Marty, but glad you were prepared for it. We all get those outages once in a while. But knowing in advance that you can keep lights on and operate other electronic appliances and devices no matter what happens provides considerable peace of mind.

Lynn tells us that survival food is not her number one priority.

“Here in California, our main disasters are fires. One barely has time to grab important papers and pets before fleeing, much less trying to find room to pack the food. So our primary concern is shelter, then maybe we think about food.”

I certainly understand that getting to safety when a wildfire is closing in is job number one. But if you have to leave your home, you’re going to get hungry pretty quickly. Having survival food ready and waiting in a bug-out bag means all you have to do is grab it and go. Then when you get settled, it will be there waiting for you and your hungry family.

Here’s a comment from someone who had to cancel an order and received a more prompt response than they expected.

“I requested a cancellation for an order that I placed after business hours on a Friday evening. I left a voice message and then sent the request by email. I expected to have a call on Monday morning and explain why I needed to cancel the order. However… I received an email from you on Sunday afternoon confirming the cancellation. No hassle over the phone as I expected. I appreciate your prompt, courteous and hassle-free service.”

Yes, we’re able to do that because our customer service representatives never sleep. No, I’m just kidding. Of course, they sleep like everybody else. But they are also very responsive. We understand that sometimes orders need to be cancelled for a variety of reasons. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to do that when you need to.

Chris tells us that he fully understands the need to be prepared for whatever life might throw at him.

I am a retired combat veteran, deputy and now a school resource officer. I teach at a college and am working on my Ph.D. I worry about a social collapse due to the current nation’s status with such a split down the middle. I want to be able to stock up and be ready for a hurricane or a second civil war. Being prepared is better than not being prepared if and when it comes.”

That’s for sure, Chris. We hope and pray that disasters don’t come our way, but being prepared means we can handle it if it happens. Glad you are getting yourself ready.

That’s all we have time for today. But we’ll take a look at other comments and questions in the near future.

If you have anything you’d like to ask or provide feedback on, please leave a comment on this blog post, or reply to any of my emails.

Want to find out more about the products mentioned?

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