Raising chickens… now and during a crisis

Keeping food fresh for long periods of time following a disaster is going to be a huge challenge.

Without a generator devoted to a refrigerator and freezer, food will spoil and only non-perishable survival food will be available.

That’s OK. That’s why you’re stockpiling that survival food. But fresh food would not only taste great once in a while. It would be a significant morale booster.

Fresh eggs are one of those foods that will be most in demand following a crisis. And the best way to keep fresh eggs on hand – not to mention meat – is through chicken farming.

Friendly environment = better eggs

With chicken farming, you will hopefully be raising your chickens in a friendly environment. Unlike many of today’s industrial farms.

In addition to this being a more ethical way to treat animals, taste and nutrition are major factors.

It’s been proven that eggs produced by chickens raised in a friendly environment possess double to triple the omega-3 fatty acid content as other eggs. And one-third of the cholesterol.

Plus, you’ll know your chickens have not been exposed to or fed any chemical substances or unhealthy feed.

Fresh eggs beat store bought

You really have to taste fresh eggs to realize how good they are. And when you feed your chickens leftover fruits and vegetables, those eggs will taste even better.

The yokes are likely to be orange rather than yellow, and the whites will be thick rather than runny.

When a chicken is laying eggs, you’ll usually get about one per day on average. So, if you have four or five chickens, you should have plenty for your family for daily use.

And your chickens will need very little maintenance. Just give them a clean shelter, food, water and plenty of room to move around.

Free lawn and garden maintenance

When you’re farming your own chickens, you’ll know how fresh the eggs are that you eat. And you can consume them while they still have the best quality and taste.

Your chickens will also protect your garden by devouring insects that might damage your plants.

They’ll also clean up other debris and waste in your yard, assuming they’re given plenty of room to roam.

And not to be disgusting, but their droppings can also be put to good use when you add them to a compost pile.

Shells are useful, too

Even the eggshells can be used when you’re engaged in chicken farming. They will also benefit your compost pile.

Or, you can bury those eggshells and they will provide calcium to your soil as they decompose.

Another usage for eggshells is placing them around your garden. Snails and slugs dislike the jagged shell pieces. And that could keep them away from your crops.

Shells protect baby chicks until they’re born. It’s your job to protect all your chickens while they live. Portable electric fencing can keep predators such as raccoons and coyotes away. At night, close up the chicken house tightly so owls and other animals don’t get in.

Eggs for breakfast, meat for dinner

Unless you and your family are vegetarians, raising chickens will also provide you with a great source of meat.

After about two years of laying eggs, most of them will be finished. And you know their meat is going to be healthy for you due to the humane way you raised your chickens.

When you’re choosing chickens, select the ones that do best in the type of climate you have in your area.

For example, the Orpington is considered one of the best breeds in colder climates. The Australorp prefers warmer climates.

Plenty of helpful info

Even before a crisis, chicken farming is a great way to teach your children and grandchildren about self-sufficiency.

There are all sorts of online resources regarding how to build a coop for your chickens and incubating their eggs.

Plus the best types of feed for them. As well as which of your leftovers are good for them and which are not.

You’ll even find helpful information about the best way to breed them to increase the chances that your young chicks will grow into healthy adults.

Get accustomed to chicken farming now, and you’ll be all set to face your fresh food needs during a crisis.


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