Lawmakers are late to the party, but they need to step up and limit drone usage now!

There’s been much in the news lately about domestic drones. As more and more of them start to fill the skies, both Republican and Democratic lawmakers are trying to put safeguards in place to protect Americans’ privacy. While I’m glad to see these efforts, I’m sickened to see how late they are.

Once again, the current administration has gone ahead and stripped Americans of their privacy rights before any legal restraints can be put into place. Drones are the Wild West of surveillance, which is just the way the administration wants it. Getting drones up and running before any laws can be passed regarding their usage and limits is a dream come true for them.

One of the biggest frustrations that American citizens have regarding drones is that we don’t know a whole lot about them, including how many there are, how capable they are of identifying individual people and whether or not they can record conversations. We do know that some of them are capable of killing people, and that’s not exactly filling us with warm and fuzzy feelings.

How many drones will be allowed to patrol U.S. skies? Who is authorized to operate them? What are drones capable of? Why haven’t privacy safeguards been put into place regarding drones? Does the government need a warrant to use a drone to record someone’s conversation? What about a deadly drone strike…what kind of authorization is needed to do something like that? What is the ultimate goal for the use of drones?

All of these questions and many more should have been answered and fully explained to the public BEFORE even a single drone was launched. But the fact is, most of us are very much in the dark about them. How can the government justify this obvious abuse of power?  I’m not surprised that this is happening, but I am appalled at how our privacy rights are once again being totally disregarded.

How about you? Do you have a problem with drones filling the skies, identifying people and recording conversations? Do you believe that legal safeguards should be put into place regarding drones to protect Americans’ privacy? Is there anything we can do to keep something like this from happening again the next time a new surveillance device is created? Your opinions are very important to me, so please chime in with your thoughts.


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