It’s Official… Robert Mueller Is a Bad Guy

I am making it official. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is one of the BAD GUYS, and I will tell you why I say so in a minute.

You will recall that I have previously pointed the finger at James Clapper (NSA), John Brennan (CIA) and James Comey (FBI) as the primary bad actors in promoting the bogus Trump/Russia “narrative” that continues to occupy the Main Stream Media’s every waking moment, fuels an unending torrent of fake Democrat outrage and devils the Trump administration’s every forward step.

You should note that this “narrative” depends entirely on one proposition: that Russian government actors hacked the Democratic National Committee, pilfered a bunch of emails that revealed the Democrats and their candidate as the bunch of cynical crooks that they are, and gave the emails to WikiLeaks, which blew them all over the Internet and turned the electorate against Hillary and the Democrats. Sniff. Sniff.

This proposition is now taken as true by almost every talking head on TV and, apparently, by every Republican schmuck in Congress. In fact, the only person in D.C. still expressing the slightest doubt about it is President Trump.

If the proposition is NOT true, however, the “narrative” unravels like a cheap Chinese sweater. Well, I do not believe the proposition to be true. Not one shred of evidence has been revealed to the public (that would be us) to support it. Not one jot or tittle.

In fact, the only evidence revealed to anybody consists of a “classified” report made by the “Intelligence Community” to members of Congress, who continue to believe that the Tooth Fairy endorsed his re-election.

What we do know about this report is that the conclusion that Russia “hacked the DNC” is not based on any direct evidence (from our moles in the Kremlin or “communications intercepts,” for example), but on speculation by the Geek Squad at Best Buy about the “methods” employed by the alleged hackers and their similarity to those of “known Russian government hackers.”

I read the “sanitized” version of the report, which even I recognize as a weak connect-the-dots exercise. I also read an account by a real cyber security expert, who picked the technical arguments in the report apart like a sparrow on a road apple.

You know you are getting baloney when a report begins with a disclaimer that the conclusions expressed are based on “assessments” and “judgments” – as opposed, for example, to “direct evidence.”

Sorry, but I don’t buy the argument that “we have a lot more but can’t share it with you stupid people, only those idiots in Congress, so you JUST HAVE TO TRUST US.”

When this report first hit the news, it was billed as the consensus of “ALL 17 U.S. INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES.” Boy, that’s persuasive! But it turns out that was not just “Fake News” but a damnable lie. In fact, the only U.S. Intelligence Agencies that endorsed the report were CIA (Brennan), NSA (Clapper) and FBI (Comey).

What I am still waiting to hear is how the Geek Squad could reach ANY conclusion at all about who got into the DNC servers and how they did it, when NOBODY HAS EXAMINED THE DNC SERVERS!

Why did the DNC refuse government “investigators” access to their servers, and why do they continue to refuse, you may ask? Well, duh? Hey, you remember that time the FBI threw up their hands and threw in the towel when that mob boss refused to let them look at his books, even when they asked him pretty please? Give me a break!

I’m sure that DNC server (if it hasn’t been “wiped, you know, like with a towel”) is chock full of all kinds of embarrassing, if not incriminating stuff. But the real reason nobody wants to open that can of worms is because they know there will be no Russian fingerprints anywhere to be found… only those of that poor dead staffer, Seth Rich.

We already know about Brennan (voted for the Communist candidate in 1980, Chairman of Obama Forever) and Clapper (Vice Chairman of Obama Forever, perjured himself before Congress in 2013). But what about Comey?

For my present purposes, what we KNOW about Comey (from his own lips) is that he leaked a memo of a conversation with President Trump (in violation of FBI policy, if not the Espionage Act) to “precipitate the appointment of a Special Counsel,” which it most assuredly did.

Who gets appointed? His old friend and mentor, Bob Mueller. Who made that call? The brand new Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein, who looked for all the world like a Friendly, but who I say is really a snake in the grass.

What does Mueller do? He immediately hires a bunch of pro-Clinton, anti-Trump hatchet men. What is the result? All the Congressional investigations shut down “to get out of his way,” including all those that were getting too close to Obama, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Brennan, Loretta Lynch and all the rest of Obama’s White House Rats.

Mueller is the “Cleaner.” He is in the game to charge some Trump associate, if not Trump himself, with anything he can think of. This will give new meaning to “Trumped up charges,” but more important, he is in the game to bury any and all evidence incriminating the Obama crew under two miles of horse pucky.

Mark my words. The Bad Guys have pulled an end run on Congressional Republicans, who are now looking like nothing more than a bunch of one-legged men in a butt-kicking contest.


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