Mainstream media guided by their liberal agendas.

We hear a lot about the “liberal media.” In fact, we hear that phrase so often, I wonder if we ever stop to think about whether the media really are liberal, or if we just paint them that way because we don’t like what they have to say sometimes. And even if the media are liberal, does it really affect the way they cover news?

Just so there is no question about this, let me give you the rock solid answers. Yes, the mainstream media is very much liberal, and yes, their political leanings definitely do affect the way they cover the news.

How do I know this? Well, first of all, approximately 85 percent of mainstream media members working for newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations, and Internet media outlets identify themselves as “left of center” when it comes to their politics. This means that all but 15 percent of the news you see and hear each day from mainstream media is delivered by people who consider themselves anywhere from slightly to extremely liberal. Considering how much influence the mainstream media has over the public, that is incredibly lopsided.

The next issue – whether or not they slant the news based on their personal opinions – is a little tougher to quantify. Most mainstream media will tell you that they are fair and balanced (not to steal a Fox News phrase). Are they? I would say that a small percentage of mainstream media are fair and balanced. They understand that their duty to report the news is larger than their personal opinions, and so they strive to report it accurately and fairly.

But I also believe that the vast majority of liberal mainstream media fail miserably in this area. They choose to report stories that are favorable to the administration and their liberal causes, while frequently ignoring stories that are not. This has nothing to do with the “newsworthiness” of the stories. It is solely based on what they want the public to see and hear.

This is one of the reasons that Fox News blows away all of its competitors when it comes to ratings. A significant percentage of the population is to the right of center politically, and many of them realize that the only way to receive accurate news stories about the administration and other subjects is by tuning in to a station with the guts to report the truth.

Is Fox News perfect? Of course not. They make mistakes sometimes and they probably slant the news toward the right sometimes. But they and other conservative media are often the only ones who will report certain perfectly legitimate news stories. Mainstream media, on the other hand, often refuse to report stories that don’t match up with the liberal agenda they are trying to push.

This is a shame because a lot of people who don’t know any better just accept what they see and hear from mainstream media without questioning it. They’re like sheep being led to the slaughter, and I have no doubt that their naïve approach to life has changed the course of important elections.

All things considered, it’s amazing that Republicans still have control of the House of Representatives. And if ObamaCare proves to be the disaster it’s stating out as, Democrats are in danger of losing their control of the Senate in November 2014. Will enough voters be upset enough about ObamaCare and other liberal agendas to sway the elections? Only time will tell.

Do you believe that you are getting fair and balanced reporting from mainstream media? Or do you think they are too busy following their liberal agendas to provide you with that? Please chime in with your thoughts.


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