Learn a Post-Collapse Trade Now

Regardless of whether you are retired or are anticipating your retirement years, there are certain things you do better than most people.

Your skill set may include blue-collar activities such as construction or plumbing, or it may be in the white-collar realm such as accounting or human resources.

There is a very good chance you used or are currently using those talents to earn a living and support your family.

And I hope that’s the case because, as they say, when you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.

Seamless transition

But what will happen if our society collapses due to a natural disaster, a terrorist attack against the electrical grid or a financial meltdown?

Whether or not you are retired, you will probably need to figure out a way to earn money – or, more likely, goods and services – in this post-collapse environment. These ways may not be part of your natural skill set.

Unfortunately, nobody is going to call a timeout after a crisis so everyone can get up to speed on what they need to learn in order to make ends meet.

The people who will not only survive but thrive in a post-disaster situation will be those who can step in immediately and provide a service people need.

The key is to learn that post-collapse trade now so that you’re ready when the SHTF. There are plenty from which to choose, so get started on learning it now in order to be prepared when it happens. Here are a few of them.


This is a word we don’t hear too much these days because we live in a throwaway society. When something doesn’t work right anymore, we usually toss it out and buy a new one or figure out a way to get along without it.

Following a crisis, people are going to want to have their guns handy to fend off intruders. And they will need those firearms to be in the best possible shape.

Learn how to fix weapons, especially guns. The investment you make in the machinery necessary to do this will be well worthwhile because society will either be under martial law or in a state of lawlessness.

Producing ammunition

Speaking of guns, they will be useless if there is not enough ammunition for them. If you can acquire the equipment you need and learn to produce ammunition now, your product will be in serious demand following a disaster.

In fact, this might be the only thing you’ll need to know how to do to make ends meet when everyone is in crisis mode and needs ammunition to protect themselves.


People who have the ability to fix things in a post-collapse society will be highly regarded and will be able to barter for pretty much anything they need.

Maybe you already have some handyman skills, so the key is to brush up on those skills and try to learn a few new ones that will be useful. These could include carpentry, plumbing and electrical work.

Water purification

Water is the lifeblood of any society, regardless if things are running smoothly or everything is chaotic. Much of the water in a post-collapse society will probably become contaminated. If you have the proper equipment to purify it, your services will be in high demand.

Stockpiling water filtration equipment will be even more important than stockpiling clean drinking water. As with any commodity you stockpile, you must figure out a way to protect it.

Food production

If you have a garden and a large supply of seeds, there’s no reason why you can’t grow a variety of vegetables and fruits following a crisis.

They will be in high demand when supermarkets and other stores shut down due to the food supply chain being disrupted.

Some people may only wish to purchase non-GMO seeds from you to plant in their own gardens, so stock up on as many of them as possible.

Power restoration

It’s pretty much inevitable that the electrical grid will go down during a crisis. In fact, that’s probably what will cause the crisis. But power will still be needed.

Solar power will keep some things functioning semi-normally. If you have a solar power array and can charge deep-cycle batteries, people will be asking what they can do for you in exchange.

In addition, you should gather and store as many flashlights and batteries as you can get your hands on, because they will be in high demand. Emergency radios will also be a hot commodity, so include some of them in your stash.

Learn to adapt

Society as we know it now will disappear after a major disaster. We will all have to learn how to adapt.

But if you can take some necessary skills and some much needed products into that future society, you will find yourself in a much better position to take care of yourself and your family until things return to normal.

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