Did you know THIS can be used as a weapon?

When it comes to choosing what to use as an improvised weapon for defense, you are limited only by your imagination – and your commitment to use it.

The true sense of the word “improvised” means you could make just about anything, from the leg of table to a stalk of celery, into a weapon.

The latter probably isn’t going to be too helpful, and in a situation where you could get injured or killed, you had better pick an item that has the potential to be most effective.

Take for example a former teammate of mine. He was on a raid in Iraq when not only did his rifle go down but so did his handgun.

He had to perform an instantaneous assessment of what he could turn into a weapon that was within his reach.

As the enemy charged, he grabbed a toaster oven and used it with deadly force. In doing so, he became the first American to get a “confirmed kill” with a small kitchen appliance.

True story—and it proves how improvisation, physical and mental toughness, and utilizing the SEAL mindset can save your life.

The moral of the story though is that whatever environment you are in, do a situational awareness drill and look around at things that you could use as a weapon.

If you are in an office right now, look at the things on your desk. What do you think could be best used to disable an attacker? A bit of creativity can go a long way when thinking of what could be transformed into a weapon.

For example, while walking to your car, your set of keys sticking out between each of your fingers and gripped in your fist could instantly turn your knuckles into a weapon. A key-spiked punch with this would do considerable damage to the assailant’s vulnerable points. Especially the eyes.

In a bar, a stool could be used as a weapon and a shield. A thick tree branch makes a powerful club, and even a bench becomes an improvised weapon if thrown at someone.

Remember, whatever you use, you must employ violence of action to make it work. This, along with your determination to survive, will help save your life.

Here are a few unexpected improvised weapons you can use:

Blades for stabbing or slashing are among the most effective weapons out there and if you don’t already have one as an everyday carry then there are dozens of ways you can make one. (Just watch a prison TV show/movie.)

  • Tooth brush with a point
  • Ruler
  • Any stick or tree limb
  • Ball point pen
  • Hard back book cover
  • Fan blade
  • Nail file
  • Sole from a pointed boot
  • Formed from a soup can


  • Belts – especially with heavy buckles, just take a couple of wraps and start swinging
  • Coats – always great as a defensive tool against a sharp object
  • High heels – ladies, not only can you walk on them, but they are a lethal weapon if used as a hammer, or both at the same time like a set of cymbals
  • Socks – fill with coins or a can of soda


  • Any aerosol canister will sting like hell in the eyes
  • Nail file
  • Straight razor
  • Foot powder – same as aerosol.
  • And you can throw any and all of these items.

Office supplies

  • Laptop computer – as a shield but even more effective folded up with a shot to the throat
  • Stapler – as a striking tool and for smashing in an upward motion against the attacker’s nose. A stapler is as effective as a short, stout, piece of metal of pipe and could also be used like a vice when opened and closed on an attacker’s fingers to bend back and break his fingers.
  • Scissors
  • Ruler – slashing
  • Computer power cords, printer cables, and Ethernet cords are thick and excellent for whipping and strangling.
  • Book – used much like a laptop to strike the throat or throw.
  • Rolled-up magazine – believe me, it will hurt when used with a stabbing motion to face, throat.
  • Ballpoint pen – can be mightier than the sword if you stab a lot.
  • Again, you can throw just about any office supply item.


  • Knives, forks, spoons, rolling pin, pots, pans, lids, – need I say more?
  • Corkscrew – doubles as a fist pack with protruding point (screw) from knuckles.
  • Fire Extinguisher – throw at an assailant’s feet/legs or engage the sprayer to blind
  • Pepper Spray (home made)
  1. In a glass add equal parts cayenne pepper and rubbing alcohol, then stir.
  2. Strain the big chunks using cloth and place the liquid in a spray bottle.
  3. Spray – effective on attacker for up to thirty minutes.


  • Anything from a toolbox, hammer, screw driver, box cutter.
  • Any sports equipment not only as a weapon but also for protection like a baseball bat and hockey mask.
  • Lumber or plumbing supplies.
  • Chainsaw (my personal favorite).
  • Flashlight
  • Once again, you name it and you have a weapon. When I emerge from my garage for a fight I will be donning a motorcycle helmet and chest protector, steel-toed boots, with an idling chainsaw in my right hand, sledgehammer in my left, and a million-dollar smile. Welcome to my Thunder Dome!

If you find yourself in a situation where someone is trying to harm you; use everything at your disposal to get out of this situation alive.

If you can throw it, thrust it, block with it, spray it, crush with it… do it.

Be a survivor, not a statistic,

Cade Courtley
Former Navy SEAL / 4Patriots Contributor


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