Installing your 4Patriots Door Armor

You’ve worked hard to provide your family with all of what they need and probably plenty of what they want.

Many of the things you’ve provided are inside your home. And, of course, your most prized possession – your family – lives there as well.

Protecting your family and safeguarding the items you have purchased through the years is very high on your priority list.

You can’t be there constantly, but it’s nice to know there is something that can keep an intruder from entering your doors, regardless of whether you are home or not.

It’s called Door Armor from 4Patriots. Below are links for two different videos you can watch to help you in the simple process of installing your Door Armor.

Here’s what you need to do to reinforce your door and make it burglar proof:

The three different kinds of shields in your Door Armor kit are:

  • The door shield. You’ve got two of these, one for the deadbolt and one for the lock.
  • The hinge shield. You’ve got two of these as well, and they go over the top of your hinges, which you don’t have to remove.
  • The jamb shield. This is the largest and most important shield. It has a number of knockouts in it so you can line it up with your jamb and the strike plates on your jamb.

Here’s how to install these shields:

Start with the middle hinge on your door. Remove two of the screws from the hinge, as shown in the video.

The next step is to take a 3½-inch screw that is provided and screw it through the hinge. Then, line up the hinge shield before screwing in a 3½-inch screw into the other hole.

Now, take two more 3½-inch screws and screw them into the holes near the top and bottom of the hinge shield. Then do the same thing for the bottom hinge.

Next, you want to install the jamb shield. Slide the jamb shield into place and screw 3½-inch screws into the seven holes, including the two near the top and two near the bottom of the jamb shield.

Finally, install the door shields over the deadbolt and the regular door lock.

It’s really that simple.

Let’s hear what some customers say about Door Armor:

“I’d be willing to bet that most people don’t realize how shoddy the hardware is on their entry doors… An angry 8-year-old could kick most of these doors in given existing hardware. The Door Armor… adds a much-needed hardware upgrade for extra security.”

“Have had this on two of my doors for a while now after a break-in a few years back. I personally tested my custom door jamb install with this, including back when I installed it, and could not kick the door in. I only hurt my leg in the process.”

“A series of front door kick-ins in my neighborhood made me want something to reinforce the door without being an eyesore. I couldn’t believe how small the hinge screws were in the door. A light breeze could have knocked it down. Got (Door Armor) drilled and installed in about 10 minutes total. Simple and easy.”

“Installed in 10 minutes and feels very sturdy. I would recommend for any entry door.”

Everything in your home is worth protecting. Especially your family. Door Armor will help you do that. And give you peace of mind.

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