Healthcare Crisis 101… How Will It All Shake Out?

ARGHHHHHH! Here we go again!

The Great American “Healthcare” Debate! Every talking head blathering “Healthcare” this and “Healthcare” that!

This debate is NOT about “Healthcare.” “Healthcare” is what you need when you are sick or hurt. Sure, “Healthcare” has gotten expensive, too expensive, but that is an entirely different problem than the one that has been consuming Washington, D.C. and the Media since the Democrats rammed ObamaCare down our throats.

The seemingly unending debate is not about “Healthcare.” It is about WHO PAYS FOR IT. What you are seeing in the Media is just another political shell game in which all the participants are talking about everything EXCEPT the actual problem.

It is infuriating to watch these idiots, even idiots we like who are supposed to be on “our” side, yammer on and on, struggling to pull the wool over our eyes. DO NOT BE MISLED. Please attend to Frank Bates and “Healthcare Crisis 101.”

Here is the real problem. There are a lot of people in this country who genuinely cannot afford ANY “Healthcare” of even the most basic kind AT ANY COST. Further, rising “Healthcare” costs have gotten so great that ordinary, thoughtful, responsible, productive, hard-working people of moderate means cannot afford what we call a major “Healthcare” issue.

Enter the Insurance Companies. Insurance Companies bet on “risk.” They make deals with their customers to bear the customers’ “risk” of incurring “Healthcare COSTS” in return for “premiums.”

They are betting that the total premiums collected from ALL their customers will exceed the total amount they have to pay out when their customers get sick or hurt and require “Healthcare.” The difference is “profit.” If an Insurance Company bets wrong, it goes OUT OF BUSINESS.

But don’t miss the point – in order to get Healthcare INSURANCE, someone still has to pay the premium. That is where the money comes from to pay “claims.”

Before ObamaCare, people got their Health Insurance through an Employer as an Employment Benefit (and the Employer paid the premium) or purchased it “privately” and paid the premium themselves (usually at a higher rate – less bargaining power).

But the people at the bottom, who couldn’t afford Healthcare at any cost (either because they were already on Welfare, or not working, or just not earning enough) COULDN’T AFFORD A HEALTHCARE INSURANCE PREMIUM, EITHER.

So, here is what happened. The Democrats and other Socialists wanted “Socialized Medicine” on the European Model, in which the Government runs the hospitals and doctors, and unelected bureaucrats decide who gets what treatment and when.

It is described as “FREE,” which sounds pretty good but really means that the “Haves” pay for the “Have-Nots.” That’s because the Government has NO MONEY OF ITS OWN and is “Universal,” supposedly meaning it is available to all but really meaning “universally crappy.”

This was “HillaryCare.” America shot it down in flames. ObamaCare was their fall-back position. It is the same exact idea, cloaked as “Universal Healthcare INSURANCE.”

They just stuck the Insurance Companies in the middle of an unfathomably complicated mess so it would look like “business as usual,” then taxed the hell out of the “Haves” to pay for the “Have-nots” and cover the Insurance Companies’ losses, which, predictably, were HUGE. America fell for it. All its promises were FALSE, and now the wheels are falling off America.

The Democrat Socialists are doubling down, and weak-kneed “moderate” Republicans are caving in. We need to get rid of “moderate” and “Establishment” Republicans because they are either closet socialists or are concerned only about getting reelected.

That means they are too stupid to serve in high office because the “Have-Nots,” who are the beneficiaries of ObamaCare and “Medicaid” and PAY ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, are not going to vote for them, anyway.


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