Healthcare Crisis 101 – Lesson 2

This is Lesson 2 in my continuing series designed to help you understand the “Healthcare Crisis” and see through the smoke and around the mirrors that Washington, D.C. and the Media are putting in your face every day without letup. To the Democrats AND the Republicans – A plague on BOTH your houses!!!

The reason the Republicans are having such a hard time “replacing” ObamaCare is because they are off in the weeds trying to undo an insoluble Democrat mess playing by the same rules as the idiots who made it.

Ours is supposed to be a “free market economy,” which means that the Price (of goods AND services) is determined in the “marketplace” by the Law of Supply and Demand.

Pretty simple Law – Supply goes down or Demand goes up, Price goes UP; Supply goes up or Demand goes down, Price goes DOWN. Simple. One hundred years ago, the doctor would come to your house, look down your throat and apply a mustard plaster to your chest, and you would give him a couple of chickens.

Now, the doctor has to pay for a million dollar machine to test your blood and pay $100,000 a year to an insurance company in case Aunt Minnie dies of old age at 101, and her relatives try to sue the fuzz off his sweater.

Healthcare Is a Different Animal

The Law of Supply and Demand holds true for almost everything, except maybe Healthcare, because Healthcare is a little different than a sack of potatoes. The potato crop is abundant, potato prices are down, and if your grocer tries to overcharge you for his potatoes, you buy them from someone else or buy rice instead. He’ll get the message.

If, however, you are hurt or sick, it is only Human Nature to be willing to pay ANYTHING to feel better, get well and stay alive. Today, doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers charge whatever they damn well please mainly because SOMEBODY will pay it, and the only downward pressure on Price comes from COMPETITION, of which there is little.

Before ObamaCare, the SOMEBODY who was paying for almost all the Healthcare delivered in this country were INSURANCE COMPANIES.

Insurance Companies “Get It”

You see, Insurance Companies understand the simple fact that people who feel fine right now will pay them a LOT of money on a regular basis (“premiums”) for assurance that, if they get sick or hurt, the Insurance Company will pay the doctors, hospitals, etc. a LOT MORE money than they paid in.

It is sort of a Ponzi Scheme. In effect, Well People are paying the Healthcare Costs of Sick People. It ain’t rocket science.

There used to be a little premium competition among insurance companies – before ObamaCare. Basically, Insurance Companies DO NOT CARE how much doctors and hospitals are charging, so long as the total amount they take in as “premiums” exceeds the total amount they pay out as “benefits” by a hefty margin.

Insurance Companies literally have no skin in the game. It is your skin. For them, it’s just numbers. THERE ARE A NUMBER OF WAYS the Government could do something to reduce Healthcare Provider “overhead” and therefore prices, not to mention increasing competition among Healthcare Providers and Healthcare Insurance Companies. BUT NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THAT!

ObamaCare Can’t Be Fixed

Instead, they are talking about MEDICAID, “Pre-existing Conditions” and “how many people will LOSE insurance THEY ARE NOT PAYING FOR IN THE FIRST PLACE.” All Congress, as well as President Trump, are talking about is another YUGE, wasteful, corrupt Government WELFARE program – period.

I am willing to have a real conversation – the hard one about what we, as Americans, do about those, who, THROUGH NO FAULT OF THE THEIR OWN, are going to die in the street because they can’t afford to go to the hospital.

But I am not going to talk about “fixing” ObamaCare – BECAUSE THERE IS NO FIXING IT. REPEAL IT! Republicans, President Trump… you promised REPEAL. Repeal it, then let’s talk about the real problem like grown-ups.


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