Hang up your “Home Sweet Home” sign… in a missile silo?

Let’s play a quick game.

Imagine you’ve just won the lottery and now have $3 million dollars.

Would you…

A) Tell the boss to take a hike and go on a long-deserved vacation

B) Of course I’ll buy that red Ferrari, Frank.

C) Pay off all bills and create future financial security

D) Invest in a million-dollar “survival condo” in Kansas

Which did you choose?

Believe it or not, several people have chose “D” and already become investors in a luxury “survival condos”. In the event of a global disaster- it be nuclear, war, plague, volcanic eruption or total breakdown of law and order, they will be staying at the “Club Med” of survival. 

Nothing protects like a missile silo

For a little over $1.5 million for a half-floor condominium (910 square feet) or $3 million for a full-floor condo (1,820 square feet) that is built to withstand any disaster. With walls two and a half to nine feet thick, self-sustaining electric, water and air sources, hydroponic food production, general store and even custom bar and theater, this sounds more like a luxury spa than survival silo.

And by the way, that’s $1.5 or $3 million in cash. Banks won’t loan the money for these condos. Just in case that makes a difference in your decision.

Developer Larry Hall bought the former missile silo for about $300,000 a decade ago. Over the past 10 years, he has turned it into a 15-story, underground accommodation with 12 homes.

An undisclosed location

I’d give you the address so you can check it out, but I don’t know it. Very few people do. It’s at a secret location in Kansas. The silo was built during the 1960s Cold War. It features hardened concrete walls up to nearly nine feet thick.

Hall explains the type of people they’re looking for to live there.

“We are not looking for stereotypical ‘survival nuts’ portrayed in movies, but rather like-minded individuals with the desire to provide care and protection for their family,” he said.

“We seek people with the financial resources, interest, education, experience, and a desire to participate in the shared tasks of survival under difficult circumstances.

“We want people with good values and we will screen applicants for criminal backgrounds.”

I can’t help but suspect that the “financial resources” component of that explanation is what he asks about first when someone expresses interest in living there.

But I have to admit, it sounds pretty cool. And I like something else they throw in for the money. Each unit is provided with a five-year supply of freeze-dried and dehydrated survival food per person.

Air and water show

As far as breathing underground is concerned, the air supply for the entire facility is filtered by nuclear, biological, and chemical filters.

The physical air intakes are protected by blast valves that “prevent an over-pressure air wave created by a nearby explosion from entering the facility and killing those inside.

How about water? Well, there is a three-source water supply and reservoir system with a sophisticated purification system, plus a three-source electric supply (electrical grid, large wind turbine and diesel generator).

Yeah, the price is a bit steep, but I can think of worse ways to spend $3 million. And at least Mr. Hall understands that it’s important to prepare for an uncertain future. Even if one has to live underground to do it.

Curious to see more about this?  http://survivalcondo.com/details/


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