Grab those perks that come with age

Thanksgiving came early this year. November 22nd to be exact. And while that fact might not have made a big difference in your life, it certainly made one group of people very happy.

Who? Retailers.

The folks who sell stuff – all kinds of stuff, including food, toys, electronics, books, music, movies, sporting goods, seasonal merchandise and much more – love it when Thanksgiving comes early.

That’s because it increases the amount of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Which means people have more time to shop for holiday gifts. And presumably that means folks will spend more money on those gifts.

Especially this year because consumer confidence is rising, unemployment has been going down and the economy is solid.

National Retail Federation spokesperson Bill Thorne said that strong sales from Black Friday through Cyber Monday this year were “a very positive indicator of where we’re headed over the next four weeks.”

Perks we’ve earned and deserved

Now, that’s all well and good for retailers. But what about those of us who are consumers? How do we benefit?

One way is that the longer shopping season gives those of us who qualify as seniors a little more time to find the best discounts for our age group.

As I’ve mentioned before, most of us have a very strong work ethic and we believe we should work hard for everything we get.

We’re not looking for handouts, but we’ve paid our dues over the past 50-plus years. We have the right to take advantage of some of the perks that come with age.

There are many senior discounts out there, and I for one have no problem cashing in on the ones that interest my family and me.

If you feel the same way, I hope you’ll take a look at some of the senior discounts I’ve found recently from sites such as I’ve listed them below. There are many others, but these will get you started.

28 senior discount places

  • Ace Hardware – various discounts
  • Amtrak – 10 percent
  • Applebee’s – 10-15 percent
  • AT&T – Senior Nation Plan
  • Ben & Jerry’s – 10 percent
  • Best Western – 10 percent
  • Big Boy restaurants – various discounts
  • Boston Market – various discounts
  • Carl’s Jr. – 10 percent
  • Chick-fil-A – various discounts
  • Choice Hotels – 10 percent
  • Denny’s – special menu
  • Dunkin’ Donuts – various discounts
  • Golden Corral – various discounts
  • Great Clips – various discounts
  • Greyhound – 5 percent
  • Hallmark – various discounts
  • IHOP – special menu
  • KFC – various discounts
  • Kohl’s – 15 percent on Wednesdays
  • Marriott Hotels – 15 percent
  • Popeyes – 10 percent
  • Sonic Drive In – 10 percent
  • Subway – 10 percent
  • Supercuts – 10 percent
  • Taco Bell – 5 percent
  • Walgreens – 20 percent first Tuesday of the month
  • Wendy’s – various discounts

Make sure it applies to you

Remember that just because you see a senior discount advertised by a company doesn’t mean it applies at every one of that company’s stores. You’ll want to check with the particular location you visit to make sure the discount applies there.

Also, while some discounts apply to anyone over 50, others may only be for those 55 or older, 60 or older or possibly even 65 or older.

Senior discounts will save you money now, which is great. But something else to keep in mind is that the more money we save on senior discounts now, the more we can enjoy during our retirement years.

And the more money we’ll have for whatever healthcare we’ll need in our final years. That’s pretty darn important, so whether it’s a meal, entertainment, a haircut or whatever, take advantage of those senior discounts.

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