Last-Chance Shopping?

I’m sure most of us have seen these images each hurricane season: store shelves bare, lines of people waiting to check out and those who waited last minute to prepare and walked away with nothing.

Even if your family is well prepared, its in our nature to want to stock up or hoard in times of crisis. If you knew of an impending weather event or crisis, you still would want to have the chance to run to one store to buy extras of anything that could help you survive the coming days or weeks.

So what would that one store be? For me, the answer is simple. These stores seem to be around every corner and most are open 24 hours. Your local drug store; like CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreens.

Drug stores can be found about every couple of miles in towns and cities across the United States. In fact, you’ll frequently see Walgreens and CVS right next to each other, and in an emergency, that could come in handy – giving you twice the shopping opportunities at the same location.

Although they may not be the cheapest place to buy supplies, they do tend to have a huge array of products and really are a one-stop shop.

So, even if you have stocked up on the following items or have enough for your own use, consider grabbing extras for barter or for resale, especially when coupons or sales allow you to do so for a reasonable cost.

First Aid Supplies


-Neosporin and sanitizer spray or wipes


-cold packs

Medicine and Vitamins

If cold or flu season is near, think about stocking up on cough drops, vitamins, cold medication or other necessities you may need if you get sick while stuck at home during a crisis. Most of these medications have a lengthy shelf life, so you can stock up and not worry about them expiring. Consider pain relief medication and build a good stash to cover the basics of handling a fever to dealing with migraines.

Foot Care

This sounds like a minimal worry but give it a thought for a second. If you are unable to use your vehicle you may find yourself walking to locations or having to relocate by foot. If you have blisters, you’re not going to get very far. Look into shoe inserts, blister bandages, sprays and moleskin to help take care of your footwear and feet.

Baby Supplies

Even if you do not have a baby at home, stocking up on diapers, wipes, and electrolyte formula can be used for a variety of things and in a true emergency, will be worth their weight in gold for those needing these supplies.

Trial and Travel-Sized Items

I stock up on these as much as I can. Not only are they handy for emergency kits and bug out bags, but they are just right for barter. These items are great for short-term bug out bags or for cars or work locations. Often, they also have travel size laundry care and a few tools as well.

So, what store would be YOUR choice as a final shopping location and what would you purchase? Share in the comments below.


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