4 Ways You’re Giving Facebook Your Identity

I’m not what you would call a ‘social’ guy.  I have plenty of friends.  I have a great family.  But I’m not one of those people that needs to let everyone know how my breakfast was or how awesome my vacation was.  I enjoy my privacy, and so do most of my friends.

I do use Facebook for some things.  It’s nice to see pictures of people’s kids and grandkids, and I like to interact with far away friends.  I also enjoy talking to Power4Patriots fans!

But let’s face it, privacy is a joke on Facebook.  Your business is out there for all to see, and Facebook uses your information to help advertisers find out all about your life.  The founder even admitted he didn’t care about people’s privacy when he started the company and called his own customers ‘dumb f***s’ for trusting him!

Facebook made $3 billion last year pimping out your information.  That’s why I stick to this simple list when I’m on Facebook, and I make sure my family does to:

Limit your interaction purely with people you know and trust.  Don’t “friend” anyone you don’t know really well.  I get random friend requests every day and I refuse them all, even if I am acquainted with the person.  I only want close friends and family knowing my business.  I make a habit of going through my friend list every few months too, invariably there is someone in there I don’t really know and there is almost always someone that I have no idea how I friended them or who they are.

Keep your ‘business’ off of Facebook.  Never discuss money, prizes, or family business on Facebook.  Unfriend anyone, even close friends, that do.  It’s just a matter of time before they discuss your business online.  Don’t discuss vacations until you’ve returned home.  Thieves just love those ‘going to Mexico for a week!’ posts.

Turn on all the privacy settings.  Go to your wall, then click on the little arrow next to the ‘Home’ tab in the very upper right corner.  Scroll down and click on ‘Privacy Settings’.  Now go through each option (right now there are 5 options: How You Connect, Time and Tagging, Ads Apps, Limit the Audience, Blocked People and Apps).  You now have to go through each and change the settings so that only friends can see your posts, and only friends of friends can request to be friends.  Confusing right?  It’s pretty funny how hard Facebook makes it.

And be careful with your ‘likes’.  Facebook tracks your interests and sells that information to advertisers primarily based on your likes.  So only like things that you would not be afraid of being associated with.  Also keep your phone number and email address off of Facebook.

As with anything, proceed with caution.  There is nothing wrong with using it to communicate to friends and family and trade pictures.  Just make sure that it won’t compromise your privacy since companies and friends of your friends will see what you do.


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