Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

This Sunday is Father’s Day.

If you haven’t already purchased a gift for your dad – or if you want to hint around to your kids or spouse regarding what they should buy for you – I have a few suggestions you might want to consider.

Many dads are tired of receiving ties they’ll never wear. Or tools they rarely use. Or books they’ll never read.

This year, perhaps the best thing you can buy or receive would be something that will really be useful. Something that would be important to have once the stuff hits the fan.

Here are some recommendations:

Emergency radio. During a disaster, there will be much confusion. A radio will provide valuable information regarding the crisis, including which areas to avoid.

Solar air lantern. These inflatable lamps can last for half a day on a single charge. If attached to the outside of your bug-out bag, it can charge while you’re moving.

Lock-picking kit. Someday you might find yourself in a position where you’ll need to use this.

Water filter bottle. Usually called a “straw,” they filter out bacteria and parasites to give you fresh, clean water from just about any source.

Camper stove. This will definitely come in handy while camping or bugging out. There is a wide variety from which to choose.

Backpack. Lightweight but solid is the way to go, and make sure it has wide straps that won’t cut into shoulders.

Multi tool. These have 10 or more different tools and are often made of stainless steel, so they’re sturdy.

Sleeping bag –Whether it’s to sleep in or on, or to use as a blanket or pillow, a sleeping bag can make sleeping outdoors much more comfortable.

Paracord survival belt. Wrapped around your waist will be well over 100 feet of potentially life-saving rope.

First-aid kit. This could be a lifesaver. Make sure it contains the basics, then add items to fit your specific needs.

Ham radio. Even if you’ve never used a ham radio before, you may discover it to be a fun hobby.

Fire-starter kit. Tuck it away in a bug-out bag and forget about it… until you really need it.

Survival knife. A strong, fixed blade knife with a comfortable handle is what you want. You’ll find many uses for it.

Survival books. Do some research to discover what you think are the best two or three books on this subject and then order them.

Sports bottle. Who couldn’t use another one of these? Keep one at home, one at work, one in a backpack and one in your vehicle. That way there will always be one available when you need it.

Lensatic compass. This item will come in handy when the way out of the wilderness is in question.

Lightweight tent. Also known as a bivy sack, this can be carried in a backpack or bug-out bag.

Whether it’s your dad or your kids’ dad, fathers deserve the best on this day. Make sure the gift is a valuable one.

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