Patriot Power Generator Frequently Asked Questions

People often call in to ask questions about our solar generators.

And one of the things we hear the most is, “Can it power a fridge?”

Well folks, the short answer is yes.

And we’ve put together a short 2-minute video for you to see one of our generators in action:

During a power outage, imagine being able to flip a switch and get a working wall outlet that stores its own power?

Here’s a checklist of other things you can easily do with our solar generator:

  • Light a room with USB lights for days, weeks, or months on a single charge
  • Run a fridge for hours or even days in some cases (you’ve got to use common sense here…)
  • Power up your phones and other emergency electronics
  • Power almost any device you can plug into a normal wall outlet (so… not your dryer, probably)
  • Recharge it with the sun, before, after, or even WHILE you use it
  • Lift it all by yourself… other similar-powered models are over 100 lb. Ours is about 40 lb
  • Use it 100% silently, so no one will know you have it
  • Use it with ZERO fumes or smell… it’s so safe you could put it under your pillow (when it’s off… it still needs air to circulate while in use)
  • “Daisy chain” multiple solar panels together for super fast charging time or for getting the most out of a cloudy day. We’ll give you one solar panel to get started!
  • Recharge using the sun… some creative customers have also rigged up their car battery, wind power, water power, or even bike pedals to charge it. But personally I like the solar panels.

This is not a whole-home solution (those can run $50,000-$100,000, no thank you). This also doesn’t use ANY gas. Or make any noise. Or smell. Or fumes.

In an emergency, you can discreetly use this device ANYWHERE… whether you take it from room to room, or in your car from site to site. Most people keep it in their closet or under the bed until they need it.

How many personal devices can this power at once?

You can think of our solar unit as a replacement for one wall outlet in your house. (Yes, you can use power strips to get more devices)

And the best part is, you can charge it BEFORE you need it or even WHILE you use it. That way it can be ready for you any time.


So, now you have some good information about our solar-powered generator. But you may still have some questions about it.

Below you will see some of the most commonly asked questions we get about the Patriot Power Generator. Perhaps your question is among them?

Q. What does the Patriot Power Generator charge?

A. Lighting, refrigerators, power phones, laptops and almost any device that you can plug into a normal wall outlet. The battery holds 600 watts and you may plug in items up to 1,500 watts. Here is a great video that shows examples:

Q. What about medical devices?

A. This will depend on the item. We recommend asking one of our customer service representatives, as they will be able to assist in figuring out how much power can be run for how long.

Q. Can this power my travel trailer?

A. Absolutely! Most campers have a power cord. You will need to get an adapter to change the plug from the camper version to a standard household plug, which will go into the generator. This will power your camper, but we do not recommend using it for your AC units.

Q. How does it recharge?

A. You can recharge it via solar panels using the sun, or our charging plug that will work with any standard wall outlet.

Q. Can I charge this indoors?

A. Unfortunately, your generator will not charge indoors via the sun, as most windows in homes and apartments have UV treatments on them. The PPG needs UV light in order to charge the unit.

Q. How much does it weigh?

A. Forty pounds, compared to other solar-powered models that run over 100 pounds, or gas-generated ones that can leak, produce fumes or be used only outdoors.

If you haven’t gotten yours yet, you can find out more here.

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