A Generator Is a Must for an Emergency

Hurricane Mathew is no longer an ominous storm waiting to attack our coastal states, but rather just another in a never-ending series of weather-related tragedies for which many people should have been better prepared.

During the peak of the storm, Hurricane Matthew left more than 2.5 million customers without power across five states. A week later, lights were back on in most homes, but not all. Imagine not having power for an entire week!

It’s not just dead iPhones we’re talking about here. You wouldn’t have access to heat or air conditioning… something you need the most during a catastrophic storm.

Don’t Feel Powerless When Power Goes Out

Power isn’t something you should leave to chance. If you don’t own a generator as part of your emergency survival supplies, you should. After all, disaster preparedness is more than owning survival food and water.

And let’s face it, the power grid in America is becoming less reliable every day, which means power outages are bound to occur far more often and last much longer.

Generators are in short supply immediately following a hurricane, and it’s safe to say that’s accurate of all weather-related tragedies. Do your homework on which type of emergency generator is best for your situation, and be sure to buy one before they are in high demand and you’re left without power for who knows how long.

There are two main types of emergency generators to consider: stationary and portable. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of each:

Standby Generators

These emergency generators are powered by natural gas or propane. They start automatically during power outages, which is nice because you don’t have to even think about it during a power loss. It’s a great option if you don’t plan on leaving your home during a disaster.

But the price can be high, starting at $5,000, and you’ll need to consider installation costs as well. They can also be very loud and sometimes smelly. And if a disaster causes lawlessness, it won’t be difficult for the bad guys to figure out who has one.

Portable, Electrical Generators

This type of emergency generator needs to be manually started when the power goes out; it runs on gasoline. You’ll need extension cords to plug into your appliances or a subpanel.

A very important consideration regarding this generator type is possible carbon monoxide poisoning. Run the generator far enough from your home that this isn’t a concern, and purchase a carbon monoxide detector for guaranteed safety.

The cost for this emergency generator is much lower than a standby generator, with a starting price point of $400 – but it does come with more hassle and the danger of carbon monoxide.

I want you to keep in mind that using a portable, gas-powered generator requires 12-20 gallons of gasoline per day in order to run 24/7. That’s a lot of gas to have sitting around. And truthfully, leave it to the government to raise gas prices the minute you need gasoline the most!

Portable, Solar-Powered Generators

That brings us to portable, solar-powered generators, which will allow you to prepare for a storm that is even as damaging as Hurricane Matthew. Or any other weather-related tragedy or intentional attack on the grid.

Regardless, you can plow through a power outage without the noise and fumes of a traditional emergency generator when you own a portable, solar-powered generator.

I own one, and I often refer to it as my disaster preparedness secret weapon. Check out my brand at www.PatriotPowerGenerator.com



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