Fuel Your Body With These Must-Have Foods

Think back on a few of the most stressful times of your life. They were probably all different, but they produced the same thing: anxiety.

And while anxiety is only in the mind, it produces negative results for our bodies. It robs us of the strength we need to deal with the situation.

It’s going to be the same way when we’re in a survival situation. There will be lots of stress. It will be even more important than normal to eat the right kinds of food.

I’m not talking about the types of food that will merely help you survive. I’m talking about the types of food that have plenty of calories, nutrients and protein.

That’s the only way we’re going to be able to deal with a scenario that could be the most stressful of our lives.

Now, you could dig into your stockpile of canned beans, or you could see my top recommendation for getting protein in a crisis… more on that in a second.

Think of food as fuel

You’re going to want food that is nutrient-dense and protein-rich. So, make sure you stockpile plenty of those types of food in your survival food stash.

Among these foods are meat and fatty fish, beef jerky, cheese, eggs, beans, hummus, nuts and seeds, granola bars, and pemmican. Of course, for some of these foods, you’ll want a dehydrated version because otherwise they will go bad too quickly.

Think of the food you will consume during a crisis as fuel rather than food. If you put bad fuel into a car, it will break down. Same with your body.

If you put high-octane fuel in your car, it should perform well for an extended period of time. Same with your body.

Stress subtracts; protein replenishes

Not only will the right kinds of nutrient and protein-rich foods help with your strength and stamina.

They will also help keep your spirits up and your attitude positive. You’ll be more optimistic about your chances of survival if you’re eating the right types of food. And that optimism could be what enables you to succeed while others around you fail.

This is why athletes load up on carbs, nutrients and protein before a competition. Marathon runners even attend big pasta dinners the night before their race so that they can have as many carbohydrates in their systems as possible.

Surviving a crisis is not all that different from a challenging competition. You will lose protein through the stress and physical rigor you’ll experience in a survival situation. So, have plenty of high-protein food on hand to replenish.

The building blocks of life

There’s a lot I could say about protein. And how important it is to us as we age. Both now and in a crisis situation. But I’ll limit it to just a few thoughts for the sake of saving space.

Proteins are crucial for life because they are the main components of our cells. And the average human body has 37.2 trillion cells

Proteins are part of every cell, tissue and organ in our bodies. Among their many functions are contributing to the building, repairing and maintaining of our tissues.

They also assist with our muscle movement. Proteins really are the building blocks of life.

Amino acids are essential

Proteins have a very complex structure. They are made up of 20 smaller units called amino acids. Those amino acids are linked together in a chemical bond that forms a lengthy chain.

All the amino acids are important, but eight of them are considered “essential.” These are the amino acids that cannot be produced by our bodies. They need to be gained through our daily diets.

Meat and vegetables are high in protein. But only meat (and other animal products such as fish and dairy) provide all eight of the essential amino acids we need.

Our bodies are able to store carbohydrates and fats. But unfortunately, they cannot store amino acids. That’s why we need to consume protein every single day.

As mentioned, meat is very high in protein…

Whether it’s a juicy burger, a sizzling rib-eye steak, or BBQ chicken hot off the grill… there’s nothing that tastes – or satisfies – quite as much as good ol’ meat.

However, when it comes to survival food, there are a few problems with meat. Canned proteins can spoil, lose flavor, or heck, don’t have any taste at all!

Instead of choosing to fill your stockpile with foods you may not want to eat or even be able to eat, you can get delicious beef and chicken good for 25 years. It could be the difference between merely surviving and thriving, especially if times are tough.

Never go without hearty protein – even in a crisis

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