Fox News Folds Like Cheap Pup Tent Under Soros Pressure

I am beginning to despair about Fox News. They have now pulled the Seth Rich story – on the very same day that DML (David Michael Lynch) and Drudge reported that some Internet renegade and serial hacker from New Zealand was claiming he knew Seth Rich was the DNC leaker “because he was involved in the transmission of the leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks.”

The guy was offering to come to the States and testify about it with a guarantee of safe passage. Sean Hannity vowed to hold out on the story but lasted barely a day. Fox News, and later Hannity, claimed they were backing off “out of consideration for the feelings of Rich’s family.”

Bullhockey. They were threatened with a lawsuit and Soros-funded Media Matters was threatening their sponsors. The bone I now have to pick with Fox News is whether their story was true or not. They said in their “retraction” that the story was not subjected to their usual “rigorous editorial standards.”

Well, what is that supposed to mean? What part of their story was not subjected to their rigorous editorial standards? Was it the supporting account of the “retired D.C. homicide detective,” or the “FBI Insider leak about the computer examination,” or the whole thing?

Was the story entirely bogus? Fake news? We deserve to know. All I want is for some responsible official, who is not just another swamp-dwelling gas bag, to examine the story and get to the bottom of it and tell us.

This brings me to another place. Why all the hand-wringing and hysteria over Russia “interfering” in our democratic processes and nobody batting an eye at this George Soros character? In case you don’t know, Soros, a Hungarian, made his vast fortune betting on foreign currencies.

When he was betting that the value of a particular country’s currency would go down, he would help it along by spending millions to stir up social and political unrest in that country in order to drive the value of their money into the toilet. He’s doing the same thing here. Seems to me that if anybody deserves a good droning, it is Soros.

Did you know it is still a federal crime punishable by 20 years in a federal pen to “advocate the overthrow of the government by force or violence?” The last person convicted under the applicable statute was the Blind Sheik in 1995.

Everybody and his brother – those on the Left, the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, Hollywood, late night TV, almost every publicly funded college and university, not to mention a whole raft of empty headed pop stars – is advocating the overthrow of the duly elected government of the United States.

As disgusting and boring as they all are, in order to commit this crime they have to be “advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence.”

In order to be convicted, it must be proven that the accused intended this result and that the “advocacy” amounted to a “call to action.” Madonna’s professed desire to “blow up the White House” is borderline. But Soros is another matter.

These black-masked Antifa “protesters” who show up every week at a Stupid March to break and burn stuff and throw stuff at the cops are right smack in the Seditious Conspiracy bull’s-eye. They belong to organizations with published objectives to overthrow the government by violence. These organizations and membership in one are criminal in themselves, and “aiding and abetting” them – for example, by giving them money – is just as much of a crime as doing it yourself.

So, Jeff Sessions, you cute little Alabama guy, indict Soros and earn your pay.


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