Ethanol maker could save you big time at the pump.

America is producing more oil than ever before in its history and we are less dependent upon foreign oil than ever before. So, why aren’t gas prices dropping? Why are we still paying well over $3 a gallon for gas that should be much less expensive? Again, it’s all part of the government’s plan to keep American citizens down and to drain them of their hard-earned money.

They’ve done the same thing with electrical power, of course, but some people have learned that they can avoid high electricity costs and become more self-reliant by getting off the electrical grid with solar panels and wind turbines. Now, maybe there’s a way to fill up your vehicle’s gas tank without costing an arm and a leg.

According to Wired magazine, a company in California, E-Fuel Corporation, has produced a device approximately the same size as a washer and dryer stacked on top of each other that uses sugar, yeast and water to make 100 percent ethanol. It’s called the EFuel 100 MicroFueler, and it weighs about 200 pounds. It connects to a water and power supply and utilizes raw sugar and a yeast mixture as feedstock.

Seven days after turning on the machine, it will have produced 35 gallons of ethanol. It even has its own pump and hose, just like you’d use at the gas station, so you can fill up your vehicle’s tank. The cost is under $1 per gallon. Because using 100 percent ethanol in your car is illegal, the creators of the EFuel 100 MicroFueler suggest putting a few gallons of gas in first before filling up the remainder of the tank with ethanol.

There are skeptics who say making ethanol isn’t that easy, but the creators are not a couple of goofballs trying to deceive the public. One of them patented the motion control technology used by Nintendo in the Wii, while the other won a California Department of Food and Agriculture contest for the best design of an ethanol still.

Like many new products, the initial price is high, in this case, $9,995. You might be able to knock off a couple thousand with federal tax credits. But the biggest cost problem might be sugar, which currently sells for about 20 cents a pound in the U.S. The creators of the product are trying to get around that issue by obtaining “ethanol-grade” sugar from Mexico for about 2½ cents per pound.

This may or may not eventually be the answer to high gas prices, but wouldn’t it be nice to stick it to the man by making your own gas for one-third of the price you have to pay at the pump? Have you discovered any other ways to cut gas prices or use less gas? Please share them with our readers.


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