The Engineering Behind Your Patriot Power Generator 1500

How Does It Work?

The Patriot Power Generator 1500 is a very compact, lightweight, portable machine, and is very simple to use. Just turn the key and flip the inverter switch. You’ll see a green light, and that means you’re ready to go.

But it also packs plenty of punch. Needless to say, a considerable amount of engineering technology went into making this such a practical and powerful piece of hardware.

One thing you’ll notice after you turn on your emergency generator is how quiet it is. You’ll hear it and know that it’s on, but the noise is very slight. It’s also very tough. There is a solid piece of metal that goes around the entire side of it, so it will take little dings and spills like a champ.

Something else you will observe is that the fan is in the back of the unit, rather than near the bottom as it is on some other generators. The reason for that is occasionally you’ll have to set it up on dirt.

When the unit starts to get hot, the fan goes on, and the last thing your want is your generator blowing dirt and dust around, some of which might get inside the unit. That’s a good way for a generator to self-destruct.

Also, as far as the inside is concerned, there is a pure sine wave inverter in the unit. That means you can run even the most sensitive equipment with no problem. If you are using a modified sine wave inverter, it will make the things you plug into the generator overheat.

That’s because modified sine inverters do not produce the same electricity that the wall has. A pure sine wave inverter does. The Patriot Power Generator 1500 mimics the electricity in the wall with perfection.

The next thing we want to focus on is the battery. It’s a lithium iron phosphate battery, and it represents the most advanced lithium technology that’s available. It’s extremely safe.

This battery lasts much longer than anything else out there. You can get 2,000 lifecycles from this battery. A lifecycle is when the battery is completely charged and you run it all the way down and then charge it all the way back up again.

So, if you do that once a week with the generator, it will last a little over 40 years. But if you do that every day, it will still last over five years. That’s miles ahead of everybody else’s batteries. And the great thing is, you can charge it while you’re using it.

If you have three solar panels hooked up to it, you’ve expanded your capacity by 300 watt hours. So, if you’re powering a device or appliance that uses less than 300 watts while you’re charging it with three solar panels, the battery will be charging rather than being drained while you’re using it.

Keep in mind that the screen will always tell you exactly how many amps or watts you’re using, which is a big help.

The handles on the top of the emergency generator make it very easy to grab at any angle and carry around. But it’s also powerful. It will run pretty much everything in your house, including your refrigerator, freezers, furnace, washer and dryer. Not all at the same time, of course, but it will run the important appliances you need it to, when you need it to.

And even if your power remains out for a while and you drain your generator, you can charge it with your solar panels every day.

The German-engineered solar panel is both portable and durable. It has legs so that you can set it up at any angle to the sun. The solar cells have a 20-year life. And you can acquire two more of them and daisy-chain them for faster charging.

One option you might want to consider is an EMP bag to protect your generator from an electromagnetic pulse. It also serves as a storage bag.

The EMP bag provides a true Faraday cage completely around your generator. An EMP would hit the bag but leave the generator untouched. Without the bag, an EMP could hit the metal parts of the generator and fry all of the sensitive electrical components inside.

The bag is tested to military specifications and is guaranteed to save your generator from an EMP attack. Homemade Faraday cages such as a garbage can won’t do the trick.

Patriot Power Generator 1500 Reviews

Let’s see what Bob has to say about the Patriot Power Generator 1500:

“I am favorably impressed with the performance as I use it primarily as an uninterruptable power supply for my computer, in addition to providing some light during intermittent power outages.

And this from Michael:

“It’s sitting and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Best money I ever spent!”

And here’s what Ron has to say:

“An excellent product. Compact. Came very quick and was everything as represented.”

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