How to use duct tape? Let me count the ways.

Food, water and shelter are obviously the most important items to have in a survival situation, but duct tape isn’t too far behind. It’s amazing how many uses you can get out of duct tape following a crisis.

In this blog I’m going to provide you with 19 ways you can use duct tape for everything from simple tasks to more complex activities to life-saving efforts in a survival situation.

  • Clothing – If a clothing item such as sandals, visors, gloves or footwear wears out, you can layer and form duct tape to make a temporary version of them.
  • Blister Care – You’ll get blisters walking a lot in the wild, but duct tape is perfect for holding a cotton ball over an infected area to help it heal faster.
  • Leak Fixer – For small leaks in boats or buckets, duct tape could do the job. It could make the difference in reaching the other side of a pond or small lake.
  • Enemy Binder – Temporarily restraining someone trying to assault or rob you may become necessary, in which case duct tape will hold him fast.
  • Clothesline – Wet clothes in the wild can be a death sentence. Use duct tape to form a clothesline to suspend wet clothes over a fire.
  • Trail Marker – If you’re trying to find your way out of the woods, leaving patches of duct tape on trees and rocks could save your life.
  • Vehicle Repair – Duct tape can serve as a great short-term fix for a leaky hose, broken fan belt or rusted-out muffler, or to keep a loose window in place.
  • Medical Usage – Uneven terrain makes rolling an ankle or spraining a wrist more likely. Use duct tape to wrap a joint, attach a splint or form a sling.
  • Glass Protector – If the wind is strong and a window is weak, use duct tape in a crisscross pattern to hold it in place and lessen the chances of breakage.
  • Wound Waterproofer – Once a wound is dressed, keep gauze or cloth from moisture, debris and germs by wrapping it in duct tape.
  • Frostbite Protection – Exposed skin can suffer frostbite quickly. Use duct tape directly on your face if necessary.
  • Cordage – If you run out of cordage, duct tape will come to the rescue. Simply twist and weave it into a strong and durable makeshift rope.
  • Bottle Patcher – Water could be your best friend in a bug-out situation, so don’t let a leaky water bottle spell your doom. Duct tape will stop the leaking.
  • Insulation – Even with boots your feet can get cold outdoors. Insulate them, especially in areas where they are ventilated or cracked.
  • Pole Repair – Wooden poles can break, especially in tough survival situations, so use duct tape to splint a broken or cracked tent pole or fishing pole.
  • Harness Maker – Use duct tape to create a safety harness if you have to climb or repel to avoid an obstacle. You could also form a stretcher with it.
  • Sleeping Bag Patch – Duct tape can patch holes in sleeping bags and a tent, which will help you avoid the elements and dangerous bugs.
  • Snowshoe Maker – You can fashion a pair of snowshoes using flexible saplings and some duct tape, especially if you enter an area of deep snow.
  • Object Finder – Attach a wad of duct tape to the end of a stick and use the adhesive to pull up a valuable item if it fell into an unreachable crevasse.

What other uses for duct tape have you discovered? Please share them with us.


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