Doomsday Shopping At The Hardware Store?

I made a “last-minute” shopping list for probably the most convenient stores; your local drug store like CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreens.

It had such a great response I thought “well, where else would I go last-minute shopping”? The answer: a hardware store.

We’ve all seen many lists of items that should be included in a bug-out bag. Plus lists of items to store at home and others to keep in a vehicle. All for the purpose of being ready to face a crisis.

I’m guessing that those of us who have prepared for an emergency have many of the same items stockpiled. They would include survival food, water, an emergency radio, flashlights, batteries… well, you’ve seen the lists.

But what if you had to deal with a disaster tomorrow? Have you completely thought through everything you’d need? Is it possible there are a few items missing from your stockpile?

Here are five that may have slipped your mind. If you already have these stored somewhere, great. If not, you might want to consider picking up some of them so that you can be even better prepared than you already are.

  • Moving blankets. Now there’s an item you don’t see on too many survival lists. But if you have to quickly pack breakable items in a pick-up truck or moving van, these blankets will protect them. And due to their thickness, they can serve as a nice barrier between a wet or cold ground and you or a family member. Other possible uses are as a blanket or to place in front of a window if the electricity goes out in the winter.
  • Safety glasses. An emergency situation could involve elements in the air that would compromise your vision and damage your eyes. Such as sand, smoke, ashes and other debris. The last thing you want during a crisis is an issue with your vision. Especially because medical help might not be readily available. Grab several pairs of safety glasses for your stockpile.
  • Tools. You probably already have basic tools in a bug-out bag and/or your vehicle, such as a hammer, screwdriver, nails and screws. But do you have any wrenches? Or ratchets? Or sockets? Not every problem you’ll encounter during a crisis will be easily solved with a hammer or screwdriver. Throw in a collapsible or folding ladder while you’re at it.
  • Disposable gloves. You probably already have work gloves in your bug-out bag and/or vehicle. But disposable gloves will also be very useful. Buy a couple of boxes of nitrile gloves. Anytime you need to work on a car or handle chemicals or cleaners, they’ll be there to protect your hands. And if you’re dealing with a pandemic, you’ll be glad to have them for protection against bodily fluids.
  • Other lights. No doubt you have flashlights and batteries ready to grab at a moment’s notice. But what about other lights? A variety of lanterns could come in handy, including a solar-powered lantern and a battery lantern. A headlamp would also be very useful. It’s hands-free and casts a light directly in front of you. Chem lights are limited to a single usage, but they can be effective under water.

I only listed five items above. If you would like to add to this list, feel free to leave a comment. But remember, we’re not looking for basic items here that many people already have stockpiled. Let’s focus on items we don’t normally see in bug-out bag lists.


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