Don’t forget these items for your hunting day pack

If you’re an experienced hunter, you already know what you need to take with you when you head to the woods. If not, maybe you could use a list.

So, I’ve provided one below. Who knows, maybe even experienced hunters will see an item or two they might want to add for next time.

Of course, guns, ammunition and your hunting license are the first priorities. Once those are in order, here are others to consider:

Camouflage clothing. Once the weather turns cold, you need to stay warm. Insulated coat and pants is a good start, but you may want to add a face mask, sweater, insulated hat and thermal underwear if it’s later in the hunting season. Pack a rain suit too.

Safety vest or harness. This is a must for climbing your tree stand safely. Hunters should stay on the ground if they don’t have a vest or harness, especially if they are alone.

First-aid kit. Hunters experience all sorts of minor injuries, including cuts from knives. Bandages, antibacterial cream, hand sanitizer and anti-itch cream should be included.

Knives. Take at least two knives, plus a sharpener. That way you can field dress your deer even if one or both of your blades start too dull.

Flashlight and headlamp. Your flashlight will come in handy, but a headlamp will allow you to see in front of you when both of your hands are occupied. Remember to pack extra batteries.

Water and non-perishable food. You don’t know how long you’ll be in your stand, so make sure you have enough water and snacks. Energy bars will keep you going. Make sure you can tell the difference between your water bottle and the one you use for relieving yourself.

Bags. Pack game bags for larger pieces of meat and trash bags for other items, including your throw-away stuff.

Back-up power. Your cellphone may need powering up before your day in the woods is complete, so take along a fully charged battery pack.

Hygiene supplies. In addition to field dressing gloves, pack tactical bath wipes so you can clean up properly without leaving a scent. Add some baby wipes as well.

Lighter. It’s always possible you’ll need to start a fire, so pack a lighter and other fire starters.

Sun Kettle. Last but certainly not least, a great item to have with you anytime you’re outdoors is the Sun Kettle from 4Patriots.

Weighing in at only 2.6 lbs, this Sun Kettle has many great features that will make it your go-to solar cooker when you want something hot such as coffee, tea or a hot dog.

Plus, it’s designed for portability, giving you the freedom to take it anywhere.

Because simply having something hot to eat or drink will be a welcome relief after a few hours in a tree stand.

Take a look at our Sun Kettle for yourself, here

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