Crisis Unfolding in Venezuela… What If It Happened Here?

It’s 1,600 miles from Florida to Venezuela. That’s only one-half the distance between Maine and California. But this South American country seems like a completely different world these days.

Venezuela is in turmoil. Their economic and political crisis has been going on for a decade. But it has really exploded over the last year.

Now they are dealing with serious levels of hyperinflation and hunger. As well as disease and rampant crime. Plus, political corruption and human rights violations.

Many of the country’s 31 million citizens are leaving. Or trying to do so. President Nicolas Maduro and his supporters have been in armed conflict with the opposition, led by Juan Guaido.

Trump Supports Opposition

Many of us watched in horror last week as a military vehicle was seen running over protesters in Caracas, the nation’s capital.

President Donald Trump has voiced his support for the opposition. He also threatened a blockade of Cuba if troops don’t immediately “cease military and other operations.”

He has also said the U.S. will impose the “highest-level sanctions” against Venezuela.

Trump has accused the Venezuela military of “causing death and destruction to the constitution of Venezuela.”

And he has recognized Guaido as the country’s legitimate leader. But Maduro maintains control of government agencies.

No Power & Lack of Clean Water Leaves
Protesters Rising Up

Tens of thousands of protesters are taking to the streets in Venezuela. They’ve had their fill of electrical power cuts leaving their homes dark for days at a time.

Nationwide recurring blackouts began in March in Venezuela. The first widespread outage on March 7th left much of the country without power for almost a week and was the largest power outage in the nation’s history.

The ongoing power outages have worsened the crisis in Venezuela and left many hospitals and airports without power. Schools were closed recently due to power outages. Many businesses have been shuttered.

The outages have also left many Venezuelans without clean water. Not to mention the shortages of food and medicine. Even cell phone service is periodically unavailable.

Many parts of Venezuela currently only have power for several hours a day under a rationing plan put into place by President Nicolas Maduro.

Russia, China Back Government

Many Venezuela citizens are angry that Maduro is still in power. They consider his 2018 election victory as fraudulent.

But he’s holding on due to support from the military. Russia, China and Cuba are his strong allies. Maduro blames the power outages on a “terrorist attack against the electricity system,” and blames the U.S. and the U.S. backed opposition, Guaido.

The opposition has said the blackout is the outcome of years of incompetence that has made the power grid to deteriorate.

Guaido realizes that toppling Maduro will be extremely challenging. Unless key members of the military choose to defect.

Maduro is threatening the arrest and prosecution of Guaido for his opposition leadership.

Could Their Crisis Become Ours?

We watch Venezuela’s horrendous crisis unfold on our televisions and computer screens. We feel bad for innocent civilians. Yet there’s a part of us that thinks, “I’m glad it’s not happening here.”

But what if it did? The United States is more polarized politically than it has ever been.

Yes, there have always been opposing political parties here. But the level of anger and distrust between the left and the right has never been greater in America.

Some believe the only thing keeping the U.S. from splintering apart is a robust economy.

The Next American Depression?

What would happen if our country was plunged into a recession like the one we experienced starting in 2008? Or if the U.S. entered into a Depression rivaling the Great Depression of the late 1920s and 1930s?

It would not be a pretty sight. The U.S. might start to look an awful lot like Venezuela looks today.

Experts agree our own country’s electrical grid is already aging and vulnerable.

It might be difficult for many to imagine an attack on U.S. soil more devastating than anything we’ve ever seen. But the truth is, a well-executed cyber-attack could knock out the electrical grid and shut off power to a huge swath of the country.

And when our electric grid fails, it will be like watching America have a heart attack right before your eyes.

Be Prepared for the Worst

Now unfortunately, we can’t change the risks to our electrical grid. The only thing we can change is how we prepare ourselves for it.

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