Coffee Could Be More Valuable Than Gold in a Crisis

I recently saw a woman wearing a t-shirt that read, “But first, coffee.” I chuckled over it, because there have been many mornings in my life where I’ve uttered the same thing. Then I started thinking a little more about coffee and how our very survival may become dependent on it.

Do you have survival coffee included in your survival food supplies? There are numerous reasons why coffee could be more valuable than gold in a crisis, but let me share my own top five.

1- Increased Energy and Alertness. The caffeine in coffee increases adrenaline levels in the bloodstream. That ‘fight or flight’ hormone is designed to make us ready for intense physical exertion, so that cup of coffee may just save your life. I don’t know about you, but when a crisis hits, I plan to be alert and ready for whatever may come next.

2 – Bartering. That morning cup of coffee is practically a sacred ritual for many, so what happens when coffee is suddenly limited? Not only do you want to have enough coffee for daily survival in a disaster, but think about this: if you have a vast supply of survival coffee on hand, you have an incredibly valuable resource for bartering. Consider all the people you know who drink coffee daily and are hooked on caffeine. Have they included survival coffee in disaster planning? Doubtful. Having some extra survival coffee for bartering will be key in a disaster.

3 – Water Purification. Depending on the crisis, you may be filtering water with purification tablets. The taste of water is known to change with use of those tablets. Coffee will improve the taste of your water and mask the taste that tablets can leave behind. Better tasting water and additional energy is a win in my book.

4 – Coffee Is Good for You. We’ve all seen the studies about the positive effects coffee consumption has on our physical health due to the richness of antioxidants, but what about our emotional health? Some studies suggest drinking coffee combats depression. This may not be something you deal with on a daily basis, but depression could easily develop in a stressful disaster situation. Not to mention, several studies show that coffee drinkers live longer and have lowers risks of premature deaths. I’ll drink a cup of joe to that!

5 – Coffee Grounds Make Great Fertilizer. Don’t forget to save your coffee grounds to use as fertilizer. If you have survival seeds for planting during an extended emergency situation, there are numerous advantages to using coffee grounds for gardening. They add organic material to the soil, which improves drainage and water retention. The grounds also help microorganisms, which aid in plant growth.

As you can see, including survival coffee in your emergency food supplies is essential! Be sure to include a percolator for brewing survival coffee right over your campfire or on your propane stove.


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