Choosing Your Survival Footwear Part 2

This is the second of two parts on the topic of choosing your survival footwear.

Last time we discussed what to look for in survival boots, including factors such as comfort, support, durability, traction and color. Today we’ll look at what to avoid when purchasing survival footwear, pricing and recommended brands.

What to Avoid When Acquiring Survival Footwear 

Poor survival boot purchases are commonly due to one or two small mistakes. Here’s what to dodge when selecting your boots.

  • Sizing Issues – Buying an incorrect size of survival boots seems like an easy mistake to avoid, but it may be more difficult than you think. It’s not as if you will be able to take a quick trip to the mall to purchase a pair. You’ll likely need to buy survival footwear online, which means it’s crucial to conduct your research, read consumer reviews and make sure there’s a return or exchange policy. Amazon allows customers to vote on how well footwear fits. If you’re purchasing there, aim for boots that score at least 75 percent on expected fit. When reading consumer reviews, if you see more than two people complaining about the same thing, pay attention and shop accordingly.
  • Budget Issues – Being overly budget conscience is normally a good quality, but not when purchasing something as important as survival footwear. These boots could be the key to your survival, so price shouldn’t factor in too heavily when making your purchase. A good pair of survival boots should be treated as a long-term investment. After all, you’re investing in your own survival.

Pricing and Recommended Survival Footwear Brands

  • Pricing – Plan to spend between $100 and $300 on your tactical boots. This is not a survival item to skimp on. Your feet should be considered your first mode of transportation in a disaster, so investing in an excellent pair of tactical boots will increase your survival rate exponentially.
  • Brands – With so many survival footwear options out there, some of the highest rated tactical boot brands are Timberland, Wolverine, Belleville, Danner, Rocky and Wellco. Also purchase an extra pair or two of durable shoelaces for your bug-out bag.

Don’t allow an important detail such as footwear to affect your survival. Make time now to purchase and break in a pair of survival boots. If faced with a disaster, your life could depend on it.


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