Can you guess how THIS toddler reacts to survival food?


Many of you might remember the Life cereal commercials from the Seventies and Eighties.

Two kids at the kitchen table refuse to try the new cereal their parents gave them. Mainly because “it’s supposed to be good for you.”

So, they slide the bowl over to youngest brother while saying, “He won’t eat it. He hates everything.”

Of course, Mikey loves it. He gobbles it down while his brothers stare at him in amazement.

Every Family’s “Picky Eater”

If you’re a parent or grandparent you’ve probably experienced the “mealtime meltdown” once or twice in your lifetime.

The fact is, many kids out there are picky eaters. And some parents face this daily battle every meal.

The last thing you want in a survival situation is a meltdown because the kids refuse to eat the “strange” food you’ve been storing under your bed or basement.

Just like adults, children will need to keep up their physical and mental strength during a crisis.

Kids will require plenty of nourishing, nutritious food throughout the course of an emergency. And if it doesn’t taste good to them, convincing them to eat enough to stay healthy could be a big challenge…

Toddler vs. Survival Food

That’s why, we decided to conduct the ultimate “picky eaters” taste test.

We asked young Beau to try out our delicious (& for you parents… nutritious) 4Patriots Mac & Cheese from our Lumberjack Kit. Just take a look at the video above.

Beau is a toddler and the son of Christina, a friend of 4Patriots customer service representative Cassie.

He actually helped his mom make the easy-to-prepare meal by pouring water into the pot and stirring in the pouch contents.

A short 15 minutes later, he devoured the Mac & Cheese and had high praise for it. After being asked by his mom how it tasted, Beau exclaimed, “It’s delicious!”

7 Ways to Prepare Picky Eaters for Emergencies

You see, there are many ways you can prepare your children and/or grandchildren to eat survival food, without the fuss.

Here are a few ideas to prep your picky eater so they’ll be ready should a crisis come along:

  • Select freeze-dried foods your children are familiar with. Such as the mac & cheese, mashed potatoes or Alfredo pasta.
  • Assuming they are old enough to help out, let them assist with meal preparation. Such as pouring water into a pan, and pouring in the pouch contents. This will give them “ownership” in the project.
  • Make a game out of it. Whether it’s through helping cook, pretending to be a cooking host, or allowing them to be a food critic. Allowing them to have fun while eating makes the experience much more enjoyable. For both them AND you.
  • Get feedback from the children regarding what they like and don’t like. Then focus on what they like for your survival stockpile.
  • Let them eat their favorites fairly regularly before a crisis occurs, so they will get used to them.
  • Introduce freeze-dried fruits to their meals. They’ll soon select their favorite fruit as well.
  • Conduct a play date, during which your children or grandchildren can show off their culinary skills to the neighbor kids.

We’re confident your children and grandchildren will love the taste of 4Patriots Survival Food.

But one word of caution. If they like it too much, they may start demanding it well before an emergency occurs!

Try out our “Picky Eaters” kit here

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