Build yourself a powerful mini bug-out bag

I don’t know what I’d do without my good friend, Orrin Knutson. He always has so many great ideas. Here’s his take on how to put together a powerful mini bug-out bag.

Any experienced sportsperson worth their salt would never hunt, fish, camp or hike without a minimum of emergency gear on their person. The same is true of proactive preppers and experienced survivalists.

Let me ask a question to get you thinking. Do either of the following personalities sound like people you know, care about or love?

Suburbanites or city dwellers rarely go afield prepared for anything other than preventing a sunburn. As outdoor greenhorns, they sometimes get the “call of the wild” while vacationing. They pick a pretty spot along the highway and stroll into wild places armed with nothing more than a cellphone and a bottle of Perrier. They’re oblivious to the fact that they could suddenly be hopelessly lost.

Then there are those who love to occasionally adventure in the outdoors, but do so with all the amenities of home in an RV. The same is true of most urbanites who enjoy hunting and fishing every now and then. They are dependent on having lots of gear.

Those examples represent the majority of the approximately 2,000 Americans who get lost or stranded in the wilderness anywhere from overnight to 72 hours every year before being rescued.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced hiker, a prepper or an expert survivalist, never venture for more than a two-hour walk into unfamiliar terrain without the following 16 pieces of survival gear on your back, on your hip or stuffed in your cargo pants pockets:

  1. A good hunting knife and/or multi-tool
  2. A canteen or water bottle… or two
  3. A bottle of water purification tablets
  4. An emergency whistle (a police or coach whistle will do)
  5. A couple of disposable cigarette lighters and a magnesium stick
  6. An emergency space blanket or two
  7. An emergency poncho
  8. A spool of nylon utility string
  9. An LED pocket flashlight and extra batteries
  10. A half-dozen high-energy, high-protein bars
  11. A quality compass
  12. At least one topographic map of the area
  13. A warm coat with a hood (even in summer)
  14. A pair of gloves
  15. A knife-sharpening device
  16. A mini first-aid kit

Everything on the above list will fit into a husky hunter’s fanny pack, except for the hunting knife, canteen and coat. They can all be lashed onto the belt or packed on the body. A heavy-duty daypack is a better choice and gives you lots more room for snacks and extra goodies.

We understand that starting from scratch when putting a mini bug-out bag together, made up of top-quality, brand-name gear, can be expensive… approximately $275 or more.

However, we are talking about critical survival tools on which you may be betting your very life and perhaps the life of a loved one. When needed in an emergency, the gear must be dependable, and every piece becomes multipurpose and priceless.


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