Here’s a bright idea… add a versatile flashlight to your survival stash

Every good survival kit has a flashlight. But not every survival kit has a good flashlight.

There are many choices out there, so don’t rush into your decision. The purpose of this blog post is to shine some light (sorry about the pun) on your options.

The key is versatility. The best flashlight for your bug-out bag is one that is capable of accomplishing a number of different tasks. Not just lighting your way.

But, of course, the light a flashlight produces is essential. There are few things more important than being able to see clearly… especially in a crisis.

Flashlight trumps headlamp

First, let’s take a look at the main features you want in a flashlight for your survival stash. Then I’ll let you know what my personal recommendation is.

Headlamps can be helpful when you need light on a job that requires both of your hands. But usually a flashlight is preferable.

A flashlight can give you a strong beam in the exact place where you want it. You can use it for signaling. And you can always set it down to shine on your task if you need both hands.

Among a flashlight’s features you want to consider are its light output, its size and weight, and the type of battery it uses. It should be easy to turn on and off.

Your flashlight needs to be lightweight yet sturdy, and able to handle some impact. It should be able to double as a weapon. It should also have a variety of lighting modes and be water resistant.

LED is the way to go

Some flashlights use incandescent bulbs, while others use LED lights. You’ll get a brighter light with LED, without the yellowish tint.

Another advantage with LED light is its energy efficiency, which means it will run longer. And have better impact resistance.

The variety of modes is important in a flashlight. One setting is fine for general use, but in a survival situation, more modes could be life-saving.

Some flashlights have a safety lock that keeps them from being turned on accidentally, which could present a problem in a covert situation.

HaloXT is a “steel”

My recommendation is the HaloXT multi-use flashlight. One of my reasons is that you’ll never have to buy a battery for it. This flashlight runs on solar power.

You can recharge it with an integrated solar panel, or by using a USB if you have electricity. Take it hiking, camping or anywhere else you go. It weighs less than a pound and is great for car emergencies.

The HaloXT includes a steel blade that cuts seatbelts. And a steel hammer that can break out a jammed window.

Its multiple beam settings include work lights, a flashing red SOS signal for help and 3W lumen LED lights.

You’ll want more than one

Also included with the HaloXT is a magnet, so you can stick your flashlight to your car or truck, or to your breaker box in the basement. Not to mention your refrigerator. There’s also a compass to help you find your way to a safe place.

And if you need to charge your cellphone or another electronic device, you can top it off from the flashlight’s battery storage.

Made out of aluminum, the Halo is 7.75 inches long and 1.7 inches wide. It has an anti-slip handle and adjustable wrist strap for night usage.

Next time you’re shopping for a flashlight, you may want to grab several of them. That way you can keep them in different places including your vehicle, bedroom, kitchen, garage, bug-out bag or your cabin.

Take a look at our HaloXT flashlight here

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