Avoiding a Cold – Facts and Myths

Catching a cold really stinks. It’s not as bad as getting the flu, but once a cold has a hold on you, you may be in for anywhere from five days to two weeks of sniffling, coughing, congestion and general misery.

Dealing with a cold now is manageable, although unpleasant. But if you catch a cold during a survival situation, it will be even worse. We need to stay as strong and healthy as possible during an emergency in order to survive it.

Here’s a true-false quiz regarding colds. The answers are near the bottom.

  1. Washing your hands regularly can help you avoid a cold.
  2. Staying inside in the winter will help you avoid a cold.
  3. Taking antibiotics will help you avoid a cold.
  4. Disinfecting countertops, work surfaces and doorknobs can help you avoid a cold.
  5. Keeping your head dry will help you prevent a cold.
  6. Taking Vitamin C will help you avoid a cold.
  7. Drinking green tea with lemon and honey could lessen the duration of a cold.
  8. You can only catch a cold in the winter.




  1. True. Clean hands slow down the transmission of the cold virus.
  2. False. Being in an enclosed space increases your chances of getting a cold.
  3. False. Antibiotics only work on bacterial infections. Colds are caused by viruses.
  4. True. Viruses can live on those surfaces, while disinfectants can kill them.
  5. False. A wet head might make you feel colder, but it won’t give you a cold.
  6. False. Vitamin C and zinc might shorten the duration of your cold, but won’t prevent it.
  7. True. It helps hair follicles in the nose drain germs out. And it thins out mucus.
  8. False. Colds occur more in spring and fall. Some viruses lie dormant in the winter.

There are more myths than facts when it comes to catching a cold. Stick with the facts to help prevent this unwelcome visitor now, and especially during a crisis.


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