11 Uses for Baby Powder

Show me someone who does not like the smell of baby powder and I will show you someone who is pure evil. OK, that’s a slight exaggeration. But seriously, how can you not enjoy that smell?

Fortunately, you have an excuse for smelling it regularly, even if you don’t have a baby living in your home. That’s because baby powder – like duct tape, baking soda, vinegar and a variety of other items – can serve a variety of purposes in your home. Best of all, it’s inexpensive.

What Is It Made Of?

Baby powder is considered an astringent powder, and of course its main usage is for diaper rash. It is composed of either talc or corn starch, with pediatricians generally recommending the later because it’s less dangerous if an infant were to inhale it.

So, let’s look at 11 of the ways adults can benefit by using baby powder:

  1. Remove grease stains. We all have those jeans with grease stains that will never go away, but had we applied baby powder right away, they wouldn’t be there. Sprinkle baby powder on a cotton ball, dab at the grease and then rub the powder firmly into the stain. Brush off leftover powder, repeat if necessary and wash normally.
  1. Prevent chafing. If any of your regular activities cause chafing, such as running, or other exercises, sprinkle the powder on those areas immediately before you engage in those activities.
  1. Freshen shoes. Whether they are old or new, some shoes can smell after being worn. Sprinkle powder in each shoe and let it sit overnight. Shake the powder out in the morning or leave it in because it will continue to work.
  1. Repel ants. Like a line in the sand, ants won’t cross a line of baby powder, so sprinkle it in places where they enter your home, as well as around a picnic blanket.
  1. Silence floors. If your floors creak and squeak when you walk on them, sprinkle some powder between the floorboards and then sweep it into the cracks.
  1. Use as deodorant. If deodorants rub you the wrong way, sprinkle some powder into the palm of your hand and rub it into your underarms.
  1. Treat rubber gloves. These gloves are great for protecting your hands while cleaning and doing other work, but they’re often a pain to get on and off. Sprinkle a little powder into each finger of a rubber glove before you pull it on. The powder will remove the moisture that’s causing the problem.
  1. Untangle necklaces. It seems like it takes forever to untangle necklaces, but baby powder can loosen up those pesky knots and make the task much easier.
  1. Loosen playing cards. Shuffling and dealing playing cards can be a hassle because they tend to stick together. Put the deck in a zip-top bag with a small amount of baby powder and shake the bag well.
  1. Freshen old books. You love your old books, but you can do without the moldy smell, especially when they’re stored in damp places. Sprinkle a little powder between each page and let the book sit upright overnight.
  1. Soothe dry skin. I saved the most obvious one for last. Why should babies get all the skin-soothing enjoyment of baby powder? It even works on cracked skin on your heels.

Outdoor Usage

Baby powder is more likely to be found in a bathroom than a garage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for some outdoor activities.

For example, some people like to dust new flower bulbs before planting them. Put a half-dozen flower bulbs into a zip-top bag and toss in three tablespoons of baby powder. Shake it up a little, being careful not to damage the bulbs. The powder will serve to protect the planted bulbs from rodents, moles, grubs, voles and other pests.

Another outdoor use for baby powder is washing your pets. Sprinkle baby powder on their fur and rub it in thoroughly. You could try this indoors, but they may try to shake it off before it’s rubbed in. Of course, if they are really dirty, you’ll probably have to go the shampoo and water route.

Finally, we all know how annoying it is trying to remove sand from our feet, ankles and legs after returning from the beach. Powder will remove the moisture and make the sand much easier to brush off.


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