10 more great household tips.

Recently I sent you information about 10 household tips you could use to save time and money. They included storing a couple of marshmallows in a bag of brown sugar to keep the sugar from hardening, installing a regular coat rack just above the baseboard near the floor to hang up shoes so that they don’t take up so much space on the floor and deodorizing sponges in your microwave oven.

Saving time and money is an important strategy that patriots can use to help them remain self-sufficient and independent. Some of these activities involve repurposing, which is basically using an item for a purpose that it was not intended, rather than throwing it away and having to spend money on a different item to accomplish the task.

Here are 10 more of these ideas:

• Slicing a bunch of cherry tomatoes can be a time-consuming procedure, but here’s a way to do it quickly. Sandwich them between two plastic lids, holding the top lid down tightly with one hand, and run a long, sharp knife through all of them at once.

• Line your cat litter box with a garbage bag. Not only will it speed up the litter changing process, but it will also save on spillage.

• The smell of food cooking in your kitchen is probably good on most occasions, but other times odors coming from the kitchen aren’t so great. To get rid of unpleasant smells, boil orange peels and cloves.

• One way to prevent grease and dust from settling on top of kitchen cabinets is by placing a layer of wax paper on top of them. Switch out the paper every few months to help keep the cabinet tops clean.

• Don’t you hate it when frosting and other food items splatter while you’re using an electric mixer? One way to avoid that is by attaching a paper plate between the mixer and the whisks, which will catch the splatter.

• Next time you’re cooking stuffed peppers, place them in a large muffin tin. This will help keep the peppers upright.

• Sometimes closets can collect moisture, which is not good for your clothes. Hanging a bundle of chalk there will help absorb excess moisture, which is cheaper than using an electric dehumidifier.

• Hard-boiled eggs taste great, but sometimes the difficulty in peeling off the shells isn’t worth it. But if you add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water when boiling them, the shells will come off very easily.

• If your children or grandchildren have ever written on your walls with a crayon, you know how difficult it is to remove those markings. One agent that does wonders with this – on any surface – is WD40.

• Pulling out every pan in your cupboard to find the right one is a hassle you shouldn’t have to go through. Using a tension rod and shower hooks will enable you to hang them up and easily grab the one you want.

More of these household tips will be coming your way, but if you have any of your own that you’d like to share, please let me know about them.


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