No. 1 window armor for home defense

When we talk about home defense, windows are usually only a minor part of the discussion. After all, doors are used to break into homes far more often than are windows, which home invaders may view as too small or inconvenient to bother with. But if you’ve upgraded your doors and locks, your windows might become the next option for a would-be thief. Your windows may also be susceptible to wind, hail, golf balls, baseballs and a wide variety of other natural elements or man-made objects.

It might be time to start thinking about a cost-effective way to bolster your window security. Glass windows are brittle and can be dangerous when broken, but window film provides armor for these vulnerable spots in your house, with the ability to do everything from serving as shields against UV rays to protecting against projectiles and even bullets and explosives.

Take a look at this article providing information about five different types of window film, any of which would be a sound investment in your home and offer increased safety for you and your family:

Most of us don’t have to be too concerned with protecting our windows against hurricane-force winds, bullets or explosives. In my opinion, the Standard Safety window film is the best option for the average user. As the author says, it protects against a number of projectiles and possibly a crowbar, and at the very least will slow down a burglar. It’s also effective at containing glass fracturing.

But what do you think? Is window film necessary for the average home? If so, which option would you choose? What have been your experiences with window film? Let me hear from you.


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