Give Your Windows Some Muscle for Home Defense

I love those illustrated images of burglars breaking into homes. It’s almost always a dark-clothed man squeezing through an open window.

Regardless of where the window is located or how risky the climb was to get to it, that’s where they are trying to enter the home.

It’s true that sometimes home invaders use windows as their point of entry into a house, but the much more likely place for a burglar to infiltrate a home is the front or back door. I guess a burglar using a door to enter a home doesn’t make for as exciting of an image as one getting in through a window.

But while a door is the most common entry point for a person bent on robbing a homeowner – due to the fact that he or she wants to get in and out of your home as quickly and discreetly as possible – the truth is that sometimes a burglar will choose a window, especially if he can’t get past a front or back door.

Heavy Duty Defense

And after the stuff hits the fan and lawlessness prevails, there will be people breaking windows with hammers or shooting bullets through them, so it is important for us to fortify our windows as well as our doors.

This makes sense even if we’re not afraid of home invaders or post-crisis gangs. Sometimes strong winds and hail – not to mention golf balls and baseballs – can break our brittle glass windows.

That’s where window film comes in. This is like body armor for a window, and it can protect against projectiles – with some armor even being strong enough to keep bullets from breaking through – and can also shield against UV rays.

Cost-Effective Armor

Chances are you will not need window film strong enough to protect against a hurricane, bullets or explosives. But some kind of window film would be a cost-effective way to bolster your window security, especially after you’ve upgraded your doors and locks, and help keep out would-be thieves.

Most likely, standard safety window film will be good enough to provide armor for these vulnerable spots in your home and protect you from burglars who choose to try to enter your home through a window.

I would encourage you to check out this article from Off The Grid News that explains the different types of window armor, then determine which is the best one for you. The article includes information about tinted solar film, standard safety film, heavier security film and bullet-resistant film. It even covers Spalling film, which aims to control explosions and multiple projectiles.



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