Will HAVEN Work for You? A Step-by-Step Guide

HAVEN is a completely new way of securing your door against break-ins or home invasions. It’s not like any ordinary lock. It’s a floor-mounted security wedge, designed to stop any forced entry – or any entry at all without your permission.

HAVEN is a floor-anchored, locking wedge. Mount it behind your door and it provides nearly unbreakable security at your door’s strongest point – the base.

A Stunningly Simple, Nearly Unbreakable Barrier Keeps Intruders Out Of Your Home, For Good

Using military precision (and a little textbook physics), this simple device delivers armored reinforcement against a potential break-in. It took years to get just right, and nearly as long to test. The result is like nothing you’ve seen in household protection before.

Quite simply, HAVEN is reinventing what a lock really means.

With a HAVEN behind your door, nobody comes in without your permission. Made with steel, glass-reinforced nylon and aluminum, the military-grade HAVEN system stands strong against relentless kicking, lock bumping… even a battering ram.

How does it prevent a break-in? The short answer is two-fold. First, the HAVEN is constructed of steel, glass-reinforced nylon, aluminum and an industrial plastic called Delrin. These military-grade materials are designed to be strong and nearly unbreakable.

But the second reason is the design, along with simple physics. With a HAVEN wedge behind the door, it transfers forces placed against it to the strongest part of the door, the base. Plus, HAVEN is designed to flex against force, keeping it from breaking while remaining strong and secure.

Will it work for my door?

While the HAVEN will provide security and protection for most homes, here’s a quick way to make sure it will work in yours:

  1. Does your door open inward? If your door opens to the exterior (common in parts of Florida, for example) unfortunately the Haven isn’t the right device for you.
  2. Does your door pass “The Nickel Test?” The HAVEN is 0.8 inches high, and should fit the clearance path of most modern doors. A standard U.S. nickel can be used to gauge the gap perfectly. Take a nickel, stand it on its end, and make sure it can pass under your door
  3. Does your floor work with HAVEN? HAVEN needs to sit firmly on a hard surface. If you have wood, vinyl, linoleum, ceramic tile, concrete or stone, it’s right for HAVEN.

Is it difficult to install?

We designed HAVEN so anyone could install it in the majority of cases.

HAVEN requires no special tools and is installed using provided hardware, directly to your floor. Once you determine the type of installation you’ll follow, most people can install a HAVEN in under 15 minutes.

HAVEN comes with a specifically designed template to ensure proper placement behind your door. You’ll need a pencil or marker, drill, Phillips head screw bit, 1/8 inch drill bit, Phillips screwdriver, and a measuring tape. Your HAVEN also includes a riser to ensure proper installation, though not all doors require one. The instructions will make it clear whether you need it or not.

Your step-by-step installation guide will help you through every point in the process, to make sure your HAVEN is placed properly for maximum protection.

How to set up your HAVEN

Simply install the HAVEN behind your door, and when engaged, the wedge design prevents the door from opening. Step on it to lock, step again to unlock. It’s simple to use and nearly impossible to breach. In fact, it’s 10x stronger than any deadbolt, and stands tall against kicks, sledgehammers, even a battering ram in strength testing. HAVEN will need to sit firmly on a hard/clean surface: wood, vinyl, linoleum, ceramic tile, granite, concrete or stone are all compatible.

How do I know it won’t break?

HAVEN is made out of a variety of materials giving it the proper strength needed to protect your home, including steel, Delrin™, and military grade nylon. HAVEN is being built to withstand the force of a battering ram on your front door. It has been designed to be impervious to the elements.

The internal electrical components are completely sealed in watertight compartments. The external components of the unit will also be resistant to moisture from rain, snow, and everything in-between.

Is there a refund policy?

Your HAVEN purchase is 100% guaranteed for an entire year. That’s right – 365 days. Put it to use in your home and if you don’t like it or you change your mind, you’ll receive a full refund of the purchase price – no questions, hassles or red tape.

There’s no risk in trying HAVEN in your house. It’s time to protect your home, your property and your loved ones, right now.

And best of all, you’re guaranteed to be 100% satisfied – or we’ll take it back and refund every penny. NO questions asked.

Like any product we recommend, we want to make sure you feel it’s everything we say it is and more. This is especially true when it comes to the safety of your home and family.

To get your own HAVEN door security device that’s 10 times stronger than a deadbolt, or to order a second HAVEN for your backdoor or side door, simply click here.



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