They’re Coming for Your Guns and Other Valuables… Hide Them Now and Hide Them Well

Did you know that you are smarter than the people who run the United Nations? It’s true. The U.N.’s Human Rights Council decided that there is no human right to self-defense.

This council of nitwits and nincompoops actually declared that it is a human rights violation for a government to allow a person to use a firearm in self-defense against a rapist or other criminal who is not attempting to murder someone… at least at the moment.

It’s amazing these people know how to put one foot in front of another when they’re walking. I’d like to send them back in time and see how they would respond to Attila the Hun paying them a visit.

Chances are that you are a law-abiding citizen who would never use your firearms for anything other than target practice, hunting or protecting yourself and your family from someone seeking to harm you.

But if a home invader or authority figure targets you as a gun owner, they won’t care. They just want to take your guns away.

This is the second of two blogs providing ideas about how to keep your guns and other valuables such as cash and jewelry from being found and removed from your home.

Let’s take a look at 22 more places where you can hide them. Remember, the best hiding places are ones that are easily accessible but would not be looked at twice by someone trying to find something. We’ll categorize this group by room.

Living Room

  • Underneath a couch or loveseat, using duct tape to keep it attached
  • Inside a seldom-used cushion or pillow
  • Inside the fake drawer of an end table
  • Inside a hollowed-out book on a shelf containing a number of normal books


  • Inside a large cookbook
  • Inside the lid of a breadbox
  • Inside an empty can of ravioli or a big box of sugar or flour
  • Inside a bulkhead above a kitchen cabinet


  • Inside a toilet tank, wrapped in waterproof plastic
  • At the bottom of a half-filled tampon box
  • Under a used towel on the floor


  • Under the bed on a ledge that appears to be a support beam for the box spring
  • Between folded blankets under your bed
  • Inside a hollowed-out radio clock on the nightstand
  • Inside a fake drawer in a dresser or nightstand


  • Inside a fake pipe near your water heater
  • In a crawl space; set a few mousetraps to discourage close inspection
  • On the underside of your sump pump lid, in a waterproof bag
  • In an “invisible” drawer within one of the bottom basement steps


  • Inside a freezer, wrapped in waterproof plastic and then aluminum foil
  • Inside one of several paint cans
  • Inside an old chest of drawers

I bet you could come up with 100 more great hiding places for guns and other valuables. You can never have too many.


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