Hide Your Guns and Other Valuables NOW… Before They Take Them Away

Fifty people killed. More than 50 people injured.

The deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman in U.S. history occurred at an Orlando, Florida nightclub on June 12, 2016. Our hearts grieved with the murdered, the injured and their families.

Tragic events such as these illustrate how different we are from bleeding-heart liberals. The first thing that comes out of their mouths after a shooting is, “We have to get rid of the guns.”

Yeah, great idea. No terrorist will ever get a gun and murder groups of innocent people if there is a law against owning one. After all, terrorists are known as law-abiding citizens who would never do anything inappropriate.

The idiocy is mind-boggling.

Protection Was Just One Bullet Away

On the other hand, the first thing that comes to our minds after a mass shooting is, why didn’t a law-abiding citizen pull out his or her own gun, shoot the terrorist and end the carnage?

The scary thing is, we’ve had a liberal in the Oval Office since 2008, and one of these days somebody just might succeed in taking away our guns. Or at least try to.

And that’s where this blog comes in. You need to have places to hide your guns so that authorities and home invaders can’t take them away from you.

This is the first of two blogs providing ideas about how to keep your guns and other valuables such as cash and jewelry from being found and removed from your home.

Let’s take a look at 26 places where you can hide them. Remember, the best hiding places are ones that are easily accessible but would not be looked at twice by someone trying to find something.

  • Inside an empty cereal box
  • Inside a closet, just above the door
  • Behind a decorative blanket hung like a cheap tapestry
  • Behind a non-locking hideaway picture frame
  • Inside a false bottom end table or nightstand drawer
  • Behind a fake electrical outlet
  • Inside a scanner or printer
  • Inside a garbage bag of dirty clothes
  • Inside a large pizza box wedged between the trash bin and the wall
  • In the closet on a cheap plastic hanger, covered by a button-down shirt
  • Under towels in the bathroom
  • Inside a jacket pocket on a hook in the closet
  • Inside a folded grocery bag lodged between a cabinet and the refrigerator
  • On a hook above and behind a curtain
  • Hanging on a hook on the back of a bedroom door, underneath a robe you never wear
  • Inside a large, hollow trophy
  • Behind an easily removed vent in the wall
  • Inside a bowling ball bag
  • Inside a hollowed-out water heater with pipes that disappear into the wall
  • Inside a boot in a closet
  • Inside a diaper pail
  • Inside a product that looks like it hasn’t been opened yet
  • Inside cheap-looking stereo speakers
  • Inside one of several stuffed animals
  • Inside a dummy electrical box on the outside of the house
  • Inside an upholstery seam on the rear of the passenger seat toward the driver.

We’ll look at more places to hide guns and other valuables in Part 2.


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